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Phoenix, AZ replacement windows

Windows to Promote Better Ventilation

When choosing new windows for the home it is important to keep ventilation in mind. When the home has sufficient natural ventilation you will enjoy a fresher and more comfortable interior. It will help save energy bills, improve air quality, and keep the interior environment from getting too humid. Not sure which Phoenix, AZ replacement windows you need for better ventilation? Here are a few of the top styles we recommend.

1. Bow or Bay Windows

Both of these projection windows feature multiple panes set at an angle. Bow windows have four or more panels set on a curve. Bay windows have three panels set at angles. Either way, these types of windows can catch breezes from different directions. That way you can open both sides and catch cross breezes to foster some natural circulation. These windows are also eye-catching additions to any room and will fill it with both fresh air and natural light.

2. Awning Windows

These window designs are amazing when you stop and think about it. The sash on these windows hinges at the top of the window frame. You push the sash outward to open it for ventilation, and the glass creates a little awning over the opening. This means you can open awning windows even if it is raining outside. So many people choose to install awning windows in their home in rooms where ventilation is necessary, like in the kitchen, bathroom, or utility room.

3. Casement Windows

These window styles are a lot like awning windows. Unfortunately, these do not get a little roof over the opening. Instead, these windows hinge at the side of the frame. They operate on a hand crank and open and close much like a door. While not as nifty as awning windows, casement windows still have a valuable place on the market. These windows can open just a crack or swing fully open for ventilation. And these windows are unique in that you can benefit from the entire window opening, not just half of it.

4. Double-Hung Windows

Thinking you need more traditional window styles? It doesn’t get any more traditional than double-hung windows. These windows perform on a system of springs and balances that allow you to move and adjust both of the sashes up and down inside the frame. That means you can open both the top and the bottom at the same time, creating natural air circulation. Humid, stale air escapes out the top of the window. Cool, fresh air comes in through the bottom opening. With these windows, you will rely even less on your ceiling fans and HVAC system to move the air.

5. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a standard in almost every home. This is because the simple design allows for larger, wider windows making more light and ventilation possible. Horizontal sliding windows open just a crack or open all the way, and don’t require any extra space outside to open.

Phoenix, AZ replacement windows

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