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Window replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Why You Should Leave Window Replacement to the Professionals

Homeowners often choose to tackle home improvement projects on their own as a way to save money. But not all products are easy enough to do on your own. Window replacement in Phoenix, AZ is one of them. There are so many things that could go wrong. One small mistake could leave you with a more expensive problem on your hands, right away or down the road. Instead, you should definitely hire a professional for replacement window installation. Here are a few reasons why:  

  1. Product Advice

A lot can be said about the advice you get from window professionals. They can walk you through the ins and outs of different brands and products. They can help you differentiate between the different frame materials and styles.  They can walk you through the NFRC energy labels and help you choose the best glazing technologies for your home and climate. With so many options at your disposal, the information you get from window processionals could prove indispensable.   

  1. Skills, Certifications, and Experience

Professional window installation teams get direct training from the manufacturers. They also have to undergo rigorous tests and training to earn certifications. They know the specifics of their products and understand the meticulous installation process. They also gain years of experience and can spot potential problems, prevent them, and get your installation done right the first time. You don’t have to worry about premature breakdowns because of faulty installation.   

  1. Proper Tools

One thing DIY installers often forget to account for is the cost of assembling the right tools for window installation. It can be expensive to purchase these tools, especially when you won’t be using them much once your project is complete. When you work with professional installers they already have a complete set of tools without the trips back and forth to the hardware store.   

  1. Faster Installation Times

Window installation teams are prepared to work quickly and efficiently. On average a professional crew can remove and replace one window in about 30 minutes, and can complete anywhere from five to ten windows in a day. And the way the install windows means you don’t have to worry about an opening remaining vacant overnight. If you were to tackle window installation on your own the project could take weeks to complete.   

  1. Insurance Protection

Insurance and warranty coverage provided by professional window installers is important. If you purchase and install new windows on your own and something goes wrong, you are liable for the damage. These types of mistakes can be costly, especially if you inadvertently void the warranty. Hiring a professional means you are not the one liable for accidental damage.   

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