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Why Should I Choose Awning or Hopper Windows?

Choosing the right style is one of the biggest decisions you will make when getting new windows in Phoenix, AZ.You need to think about the size, shape, and function of the windows you want. That way you can better compare the different styles and find the right options to suit your needs.  

What are Awning and Hopper Windows?  

Awning and casement windows are similar styles with only slightly different operations. Awning windows feature hinges at the top so you can push the panel out to open the window. This creates a little awning over the opening. Hopper windows feature hinges at the bottom, and some styles pull in to open and some push out.   

Benefits of Awning and Hopper Windows 

A few advantages you can expect from awning and hopper windows include:  

  • Ventilation. With these window styles, you can control ventilation by opening them just a crack or all the way. They work particularly well in areas where you need to release high levels of humidity like the bathroom or laundry room.  
  • Easy operation. These windows feature locks and latches that are easy to operate. And if the windows are within reach you can easily push them open or pull them closed with just one hand.  
  • Efficiency. These windows pull tight against the frame and latch tightly. And if the wind blows against the window it only tightens the seals. And because there are no breaks between the panels, as with sliding, single hung, or double hung, these windows are more airtight.  
  • Reasonable prices. The simpler design of these windows styles, and because they usually come in smaller sizes, these window options are more affordable. There are also lighter and easier to install, saving you some money there as well.  
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. Because of the way hopper windows operate you can easily clean both glass surfaces from inside. You will have to clean the exterior surface of awning windows from the outside.  

Disadvantages of Awning and Hopper Windows 

Along with the advantages come a few setbacks with these window styles, including:   

  • Smaller openings. These windows are not usually oversized. They are smaller to medium sized openings. They are not ideal if you use a window-mounted air conditioning unit. This could also be a disadvantage if you need to use an awning window as an exit in case of emergency.  
  • Project outside. Because of how these windows open they can obstruct walkways, decks, and patios. You do not want to install a row of awning windows along high-traffic areas.  
  • Get dirty faster. The way these windows prop open means they get dirty a lot faster than windows that remain flush with the house. They will require regular washing to keep the glass clean.  

Where do Awning and Hopper Windows Work Best?  

Many homeowners choose to install awning and hopper windows in the basement, bedrooms, and bathrooms. They can also work well in kitchens, laundry rooms, and living areas.   

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