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Phoenix AZ replacement windows

When are Phoenix, AZ Replacement Windows Necessary?

When planning for Phoenix, AZ replacement windows, timing is an essential factor. Most homeowners want to get the absolute most out of the lifespan of their old windows. At the same time, waiting too long to upgrade to new windows can end up costing more in the long run. For this reason, it is important to spot the signs of window failure. Here are a few of the things to watch for that tell you it is time for replacement windows.

1. Drafty Windows

Drafts and leaks can leave certain areas of the house uncomfortable. And the windows are often to blame. Though signs start small, eventually the leaks will cause the heating and cooling bills to skyrocket. In some cases, you can stop up the gaps with new weather stripping and insulation. But old windows can only last so long. Drafts are an easy indicator that it is time to start looking at new windows.

2. Interiors Fading

UV light can damage the interior of the home. It will fade fabrics, damage flooring, and make the materials of the furniture brittle. If you can’t keep any furnishings in front of your windows, it might be time for new windows. Modern products have special coatings to block UV light and protect the inside of the home.

3. Water Damage

Moisture leaks are another major warning. Water damage often starts out small. So it is important to inspect windows regularly for discoloration, bubbling paint, or any signs of a leak. Do not let water damage get to the point of seeping into the drywall, down to the floor, and potentially into the substructures of the home. Mold won’t be the only problem to worry about if that happens.

4. Tricky Window Operation

Window should open and close smoothly with very little effort. As soon as windows become sticky and it takes great effort to get them open, this is more than a simple inconvenience. It could put the occupants of the home at risk in an emergency and the window needs to operate as an escape. Upgrading to new windows will ensure perfect operation.

5. Too Much Noise Pollution

Does it sound like people talking are the street are standing ring in your entryway? This could be because of faulty window seals. Noise pollution is even more of an issue in busy areas, and upgrading will make the home a quieter and more peaceful place.

6. Condensation Between the Panes

Condensation on the outside surfaces of the glass is not a big problem. But condensation trapped between the panes is a clear sign of seal failure. These windows will not insulate as they should, and a replacement window is the only solution.

7. Outdated Style

Windows have a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of the home. And old, outdated windows will really age the home. Upgrading to new windows is like giving the home a much needed facelift. It will also go a long way toward increasing the value of the home as well.

If you have been dealing with any of these issues as a homeowner, then it is time to get serious about Phoenix, AZ replacement windows. Contact us today for a hassle-free consultation.