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What you Should Do if You Have Leaky Windows

Eventually, you will face at least minor repairs on your home. And when it comes to longevity, the areas of your home exposed to the outside often have the shortest life expectancy. You know how harsh the heat can be in Phoenix, AZ. This repeated exposure can have a huge impact on your windows. While you don’t often have to worry about moisture leaks, air leaks will lead to higher energy bills if you don’t fix the problem. That’s the last thing you need this summer. So here are some fixes you can do to repair leaky windows.

Nail Polish or Tape

If you apply a clear coat of nail polish carefully enough, it can fill in the cracks on the glass and be nearly invisible. And when it hardens, it can help to stabilize the fissures. You can also try weather seal tape on your leaky windows until you can afford to get a replacement window. While these are the cheapest options, they are by no means long term solutions for window leaks. You will need to invest in a more substation solution before long.

Draft Snake

You have probably seen a similar solution used to block leaks coming from under a door, but there are also some products on the market for windows. Generally they consist of a foam tube and washable cover. You can cut the tube to the right length for your window, place it on the sill, and shut the window down on it. This improves the seal and blocks window drafts. But again, it isn’t an ideal solution.

Weather Stripping

Over time, the weather stripping on your window will break down. To reinvigorate the seal, remove the old weather stripping and replace it. You might also consider getting v-seal weather stripping to place on the sides of your window sashes. This way, your windows can still open and shut, but the seal can remain in place.


If you have gaps in the frame, caulking might do the trick for now. It is a soft, pliable, sticky substance that molds to fit in those gaps. It will close off any air leaks. The problem is that caulk is easily removed and it will deteriorate over time.

Window Film

Another option to consider is a special window film. You can purchase clear plastic sheeting from the hardware store, apply it to your windows and use a heated hair dryer to shrink it into place. This improves the seals on your window, closes off drafts, and gives you another buffer.

Replacement Windows

The above are money saving, but short term solutions to leaky windows. None of them will last long. Your best bet to get rid of window leaks is getting replacement windows. To prevent future leaks, have the window installed by professionals. They will get the job done right and you will start saving money on your heating and cooling costs.

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