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What to Consider When Choosing a Size for Replacement Windows

Windows play a vital role in the home for providing views, regulating temperatures, and controlling energy efficiency. You want them performing at an optimum level and a lot of that comes down to size. When choosing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ you are not stuck with the same size as your old windows. You can choose a new size to better suit your needs and the aesthetics of your home. But how do you determine which window size is right for each room? There is no exact formula to follow, but there are plenty of factors to consider.

Building Codes

While it may seem like the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing replacement windows, there are building codes you will need to adhere to. Familiarize yourself with the codes for your area and be sure you choose your new windows based on those rules.

Aesthetics Outside and Inside

The size and number of replacement windows you choose largely depends on the type of style you want, both inside and outside your home. You don’t want to put a row of oversized, ultramodern windows on a Victorian Style home. The designs would become a mismatch and could bring down the value of your home. Instead, prioritize finding window styles that complement the overall architectural style and then find a size to suit.

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Window Sill Height

According to most building codes each bedroom needs at least one egress window. And egress windows need to be no more than 44 inches from the floor. This is so they can provide an escape in case of an emergency. In addition to an egress window, you might also consider installing non-operable windows with a much lower sill, or floor to ceiling windows. These can have a huge impact on aesthetics and will bring an abundance of natural light into the home. But to change a window functionality you will need a certified professional to tell you which requirements need to be met.

Window Head Height

When it comes to how tall a window should be, there are fewer restrictions and is often just a design choice. You lose natural light with too much space between the window head and the ceiling. On the other hand, leaving too little space between the window head and the ceiling leaves no room for curtain rods.

Window to Height Proportion

The design also tends to dictate the size of the window in relation to height. Sometimes knowing the architectural style can help. Modern architecture lends itself to continuous windows. Traditional architecture lends itself more to taller windows with grilles. And you should also consider the elements inside the home as well, like high ceilings and arches.

If you need help choosing the right size replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact Freelite Inc. Our experts can help you pin down the best options so you get the right sized windows for your home at the right price and meet local building codes.