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What are the Signs of Poor Installation on Replacement Windows?

It is important to have replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ installed by a professional because one small mistake could cause a number of serious problems. But unfortunately, not many homeowners choose to get windows installed by the right professionals. They choose to rely on general contractors or framers, and they often end up with a poor installation that looks something like this:

Windows Out of Level

Does the window frame appear crooked or the sash looks like it just isn’t sitting right inside the frame? You could be right. Pull out the level and double-check to see if your window really is lilting to one side. If so, this could cause a number of problems down the road you should have the installer come back and fix it right away.

Messy Caulk

Another easy way to see if your windows are properly installed is to check the caulking. Professionals will install caulk with a steady hand making sure the seams are straight and there are no gaps. If you notice messy or sloppy caulking it means they didn’t take time to get the job done right. It can also mean your windows could leak or develop leaks early.


Window professionals take care to get exact measurements on windows and window openings. That is the only way to ensure a proper fit. Gaps around the frame are another clear indicator the installation job wasn’t up to par and they likely didn’t have precise measurements.

Noise and Squeaks

Do your windows rattle, squeak, or make cracking noises? All of these sounds indicate trouble and are often the first signs of poor installation.

Difficult Operation

New windows should operate smoothly and without a lot of fuss. Not only is this for the sake of convenience, but also safety. However, poor installation can often hinder the window’s operation. The sash might get stuck inside the frame. Or maybe the window doesn’t close and lock all the way. Any one of these problems could put you at risk in an emergency.


One of the main purposes of a window is to keep your home protected against the elements. There should not be leaks of any kind on new windows. So if you walk into a room and notice it is abnormally warm, check the window for air leaks.


Not as much a common problem in Arizona, but condensation between the panes indicates seal failure on the insulated glazing unit (IGU). And the seals on the glazing could have been compromised during the shipment or the installation process.

Water Damage

Signs of water damage are fairly easy to spot. At first you might notice signs of mold or discoloration. If the leak is left too long issues can progress to peeling paint, warped frames, sagging drywall, or flooring damage.

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