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What are the Leading Causes of Window Failure?

Windows in your home are important and perform several essential tasks. They let in ventilation and natural light. They keep out pests, the elements, and intruders. They also seal your home and improve efficiency. They are also an important aesthetic feature in your home. But eventually they will break down and you will need replacement windows in Mesa, AZ. The problems might not make a significant difference at first, but if left too long there could be major problems down the road. Here are just a few of the causes of window failure:

Normal Wear and Tear

With age and use windows will wear out. The process is usually slow and goes unnoticed for years. But eventually the materials break down, gaps form in the assembly, and windows ultimately fail. The average lifespan for most windows is 15 to 30 years depending on the window material, location, and climate. You should start planning for new windows as soon as you notice signs of leaks, damage, or a lack of efficiency.

Accidental Damage

Broken glass and damaged frames are also common causes of window failure. These types of break downs are pretty obvious. Impacts on windows can come from moving furniture, a rogue baseball, or high winds and debris. You will want to get these windows repaired as soon as possible.

Poor Installation

In most cases, premature window failure is the result of poor installation. Window installation is meticulous work. It takes training, skill, proper tools, and precision. One small miscalculation can cause leaks or window failure. This is why it is so important to get windows installed by reliable professionals.

Neglected or Improper Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance are key if you want to help prolong the life of your windows. The process is fairly straightforward. You should wash your windows about once a week and inspect them for leaks or damage. Never use power washers, harsh chemicals, or abrasives on your windows. Instead, just use mild detergent and water to clean the frames and a generic glass cleaner on the panes. You should also clean and lubricate the tracks and moving parts every couple of months. This will keep operable windows working smoothly.

Extreme Weather and Temperatures

Most materials expand and contract due to temperature changes. Extreme fluctuations can cause more damage. But that isn’t something you need to worry much about in Arizona. What is a concern are the extreme temperatures. Hot summers and damaging UV rays can break down windows materials faster. You might start to notice warping because of the heat which is a common cause for window failure.

The good news is you don’t have to keep dealing with the side effects of faulty windows. If your windows have outlived their usefulness it might be time for replacement windows in Mesa, AZ. Contact Freelite Inc. for an easy, no-pressure way to buy. Our experts can help you get the right products for the right price. Call us today at (602) 233-1981 or visit 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.