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What are the Best Windows to Use in the Bathroom?

Choosing the right windows for your home can prove to be a challenge, especially when you are finding new windows for the bathroom. Not only do you want privacy in these rooms, but you also have to understand there will be increased humidity when you run the bath or shower. That is why it is important to have at least one window in every bathroom for ventilation. Bathroom window replacement in Carefree, AZ can also boost natural light. This is important in a bathroom that sees a lot of use for grooming and getting ready. Keeping those important features in mind, here are some of the top window styles to use in the bathroom:

Casement Windows

These crank windows work much like doors. They hinge to one side and open outward with the use of a crank. These have a vertical opening which is good for both daylight and ventilation. You can adjust the amount of ventilation by opening it just a crack or opening it all the way. Homeowners like casement windows for the bathroom because they are easy to operate and they feature a compression seal that creates an airtight window when it is closed and locked.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are much like casement windows, but these hinge at the top and open at the bottom. They are even better suited for bathrooms because the window can be opened in any type of weather. The glass pane creates a small roof over the opening so rain and debris will not get inside. And when paired with privacy glass these windows conceal the view inside, even if the window is partially open.

Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows have a simple operation. One movable pane slides back and forth over a fixed pane. These are a common window for any room, but can also work in the bathroom. The reason they are so appealing is that they are a more affordable window style that offers decent efficiency, light and ventilation. That said, if you use a sliding window in the bathroom you will most definitely want privacy glass or some sort of waterproof window treatment.

Skylight Windows

These windows go in the ceiling. Many modern home designs feature skylights above the tub, shower, or sink because they are a great way to get plenty of natural light without taking up valuable storage space. That said, most skylights do not provide ventilation. So you will need an exhaust fan or another window added to the room if you want to keep the humid air circulating outside.

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Where to buy bathroom window replacement?

If you are living around Phoenix, Arizona the best place to shop for bathroom window replacement is FREELITE Inc. We sell all sorts of windows and doors for your home improvement project.  We’ve been in the windows and doors industry since 1977 providing high-quality products and excellent customer service for more than 40 years.

How to install bathroom window?

DIY project for bathroom window installation requires lots of tools and precise measurements to fit the window properly. This takes skills for carpentry and masonry because you need to be extremely accurate to prevent mistakes upon installation. Power tools may come in handy as well to make the job quicker and easier.

Can you tint a bathroom window?

Yes, of course! There are window tinting films that you can buy in your nearest hardware stores or you can buy them online. Tinting your windows can beautify the overall look of your bathroom window and improves privacy.