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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

What are Some Glazing Upgrades for Replacement Windows?

Glass makes up the majority of replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. As such, homeowners want to make sure they are choosing the technologies best suited to the local environment and their personal budget. Here are some of the modern glazing technologies to keep in mind when shopping for new windows:

1. Number of Window Panes

The standard on modern windows is double-glazing or two panes of glass. This provides sufficient insulation without adding too much to the bulk and weight of a window. But triple-glazing and even quadruple-glazing are available for added protection against heat and cold transfer. That said, other glazing technologies are just as good at insulation and come at a better price point.

2. Low-Conductance Gas Fill

While it is invisible, the space between the panes on replacement windows is not just filled with normal air. Manufactures use inert, noble gasses in the space for better insulation. Noble gasses have more density and will not transfer heat or expand and contract like ordinary air. The three most common gasses include argon, krypton, and xenon.

3. Laminated or Impact Resistant Safety Glass

Not all safety glass is created equal. Tempered glass is heated to an extreme temperature and rapidly cooled to increase the tensile strength. This glass does not shatter easily, but if it does, it breaks into less harmful pieces instead of large, dangerous shards. Laminated glass has a special interlayer designed to increase strength and resilience, but also keep the majority of the window intact if it gets broken.

4. Colored Window Tinting

Window tinting has been in practice for decades and is still an optional technology on replacement windows for the home. These special coatings come in a range of colors meant to block out heat and visible light. They are something to think about for use in the bedrooms and entertainment areas of the home where light and glare might be an issue.

5. Low-E Coatings or Heat Mirror

Low-Emissivity coatings on replacement windows are ultra-thin metallic oxide layers painted on certain surfaces of the glass. This technology blocks heat transfer for superb insulation but doesn’t cut down on visible light. For Heat Mirror glazing the manufacturers suspend a sheet of Low-E film between the panes and can match or exceed the insulation of a triple-pane glazing system. And Superglass, which suspends two layers of Low-E film is one of the best insulators but also the most expensive glazing system.

6. Etched Glass

Last, but not least, homeowners need to think about etched or design glass. The etched glass comes in a variety of designs and styles from frosted glass to ornate floral or vine patterns. This glazing technology is most often used for privacy in entryways, bedrooms, and bathrooms. It can give the occupants privacy without the need for window treatments.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Not sure which glazing technologies to choose on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ? Consider sitting down with one of our design experts at Freelite Inc. They can walk you through the pros, cons, and costs of each glazing option so you can find the right solutions for your home.