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What are Some Challenges to Getting New Windows?

Shopping for new Phoenix, AZ windows can be fun and exciting. Many homeowners look forward to the prospect of upgrading their home and enjoying all the benefits that new windows have to offer. But some homeowners are more resistant to the entire process. They are worried about all the challenges that might arise with replacement windows. Here are some of their biggest worries, and why you shouldn’t let these stop you from getting new windows when you need them.

1. Expense

New windows are an investment, and not something to be taken lightly. But as with most investments, finding the right windows will come with so many benefits. You can enjoy energy savings, more natural light, better security, and improved safety in your home. And if you invest in high-quality products you can get windows that will last for 30 years or more with proper care and maintenance. So yes, this home improvement project is an investment. But it will provide long-term value.

2. Time

Some homeowners worry about all the time it will take to get new windows. It is true, it takes time to find the right company, research the right products, and then wait for those windows to arrive from the manufacturer so the installers can get to work. But every minute you invest in this project helps reduce the risk of getting something wrong. And trust us, this is a project where you want to take your time and get things done right.

3. Mess

Is a replacement window project messy? The answer is yes, and no. Window removal does require some demolition to get the old window out and put the new window in. There will be some dust and debris involved. That said, professional installers come prepared. They lay down sheeting and drop cloths to protect the surfaces of your home. They will take extra care when working inside. They will also clean everything up when the project is complete. The only thing that gets left behind are your beautiful new windows.

4. Exposure

It is easy to worry about the empty holes in your walls when your old windows come out. But the good news is the holes are not empty for long. Installers actually work window by window. They will remove one old window and immediately replace it with the new one. It depends on the size and style of the window, but it takes most teams an hour or less to get the old window out and the new window in. That does not leave your home open to the elements for very long. And crews use sheeting to protect the opening in cases of inclement weather.

Phoenix AZ windows

5. Changes

Some homeowners are resistant to change. They like their old windows just fine and don’t want to deal with learning the ways of new products. Good news! There are so many different windows on the market, you are sure to find something that is a close match to the types of windows you already have. So if you are attached to the aesthetic and operation of your old windows you can still find Phoenix, AZ windows to match that design.