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Warning Signs of Poor Window Installation 

Windows are an important feature in every home. They provide several functions like allowing in light and ventilation. They also help protect the home against intruders and pests. They also help insulate your home and protect it against the elements. At least, that is what properly installed windows should do. If a window isn’t properly installed it could lead to several problems and you will need window replacement in Ahwatukee. Think your windows are not properly installed? Check for these common signs:   

Jammed Window 

Windows in a home should open and close easily. If windows are jammed or difficult to open it could be a sign of damage to the mechanical parts or warping. But it could also mean the window was not installed properly.   


Air and moisture leaks are common problems for improperly installed windows. If the measurements are not exact, the frame is not installed securely, and the proper steps to direct water away from the inside are not taken then you could have a serious problem.  

Mold, Mildew, or Discoloration 

If you have noticed chipping paint, warped frames, or discoloration around the windows you might have a moisture leak. Aside from looking disgusting, mold can get worse and cause serious damage. The longer a leak is there the more mold and mildew can grow.   


Do your windows make loud squeaks or creaks? Do they rattle in the frame when you open and close them? Normally windows should operate quietly. Strange noises are often telltale signs of debris, damage, or poor installation. And it isn’t just sound. The noise means the window is strained which can lead to further damage.   

Feel Fragile 

Windows, though made mostly of glass, should be very sturdy. After all, they are meant to withstand damage from everyday use and exposure to the elements. If your windows start to feel wobbly or loose you should have it checked. Other signs might include chips, cracks, or dents.   

Part Displacement 

Has the window frame, hinges, or panes fallen out of place? This is something you might come to see in older homes as materials break down over time. But it is not something you should see in windows less than 10 years old. If windows are largely new this type of displacement usually indicates improper installation.   

Fog Between the Panes 

If you notice condensation between the panes of your windows it means you have a broken seal. This will happen, but again it usually occurs in older windows where the inert gas has leaked out over time. If you start to notice condensation on fairly new windows it means your windows are not operating at peak efficiency. It also means the installation could be the root of the problem.   

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