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Are Vinyl Windows a Good Choice for Scottsdale, AZ?

You might think that vinyl windows are a fairly new technology, but you would be mistaken. These windows have been around longer than you might assume. They were first made in 1954 in Germany, and quickly made way to the forefront in construction applications. Now there are more than 40 million vinyl windows sold in the United States each year and claim more than half of the market share. Why? Because after all these years vinyl has proven itself time and again.

Advantages of Vinyl Windows

There are numerous benefits to vinyl windows. They are low maintenance, economical, and highly energy efficient. But this doesn’t mean the material was met with skepticism, and still is. There are various misconceptions. After all, should building materials be more robust? It is plastic after all. Truth is vinyl, technically Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), is a highly engineered material specifically designed for construction.

The material can be adapted, mixed with a variety of additives, and modified. The PVC used in vinyl windows has thermal stability, UV and impact resistance, and do not warp or weather easily. Manufacturers can make vinyl windows in practically any size, shape, and style. They also come in a variety of color and finishes, to match the style homeowners prefer. Here are some of the leading benefits:

1. Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are excellent insulators. They do not let heat in or cold out. This not only keeps your home comfortable, but can help lower your energy costs. Compared to wood and aluminum, vinyl windows perform the best.

2. Highly Durable

These windows are exceptionally resilient. They do not blister or peel. If the vinyl chips there is just more of the same material underneath. In extremely hot climates the windows can discolor, however that level of heat is not reasonably expected in the United States.

3. Low Maintenance

You will never have to sand or repaint vinyl windows. If you want to keep them looking like new all they require is a simple washing every few months.

4. Style Matches

Because the material is so versatile, manufactures can create vinyl windows in a number of colors and finishes. In fact, they can even make vinyl look like traditional wooden sashes is that is they style homeowners prefer.

5. Affordable

This is perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of vinyl windows. Compared to other materials, vinyl is one of the most cost effective. You get all the benefits of natural wood without the cost.

Top of the line vinyl windows Scottsdale, AZ make a great choice for all types of climates. When paired with the right solar heat gain coefficient and low-e ratings, these windows will help keep your home well insulated during the hot, summer months in Arizona. So if you feel your house could use a facelift, nothing will accomplish this better than new windows. Vinyl windows might be a good choice.

To be sure, contact a professional contractor or windows installer. They will help you choose the best products and materials, give you the look and feel you want, and give you the best your money can buy.