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March 6, 2014

VELUX Skylight improvements and new products:

  • Clean, Quiet, Safe Glass – Features Neat® glass technology, a thin coating of silicone dioxide that creates a smooth surface and titanium dioxide that works with sunlight to destroy organic matter. When it rains, the water disperses evenly, washing away organic matter and reducing water spots. The dual pane laminated glass reduces outdoor noise by 25 percent compared to standard double pane glass and complies with building code requirements for out-of-reach applications. Clean, Quiet, Safe Glass comes standard on VSS, VCS, VSE, VCE skylights.
  • Intelligent touch remote control – Completely redesigned touch-screen control pad powered by VELUX INTEGRA® uses intuitive icon to make opening and closing the skylight and blinds easier than ever. The unit comes with pre-set programs for commonly used skylight functions or users can create their own programs that fit their home and lifestyle.

VELUX SUN TUNNEL® skylight enhancements:

  • VELUX SunCurve technology – Allows commercial SUN TUNNEL skylights to capture more morning and evening sunlight and diffuse harsh afternoon sunlight for a more even and appealing light output throughout the day.
  • Flexi-Loc™ Tunnel – This new assembly system reduces tunnel assembly time by half and is available for both residential and commercial VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights.
  • ENERGY STAR® kit – Designed to increase the energy efficiency of the VELUX SUN TUNNEL and enables it to exceed the ENERGY STAR® requirements.
  • Decorative lighting diffusers – Four styles of decorative diffusers – brushed nickel, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze and white – are available to complement any décor.
  • Daylight controller – Allows users to control the amount of daylight that enters a room, a perfect accessory for rooms that require darkening. Comes with a power supply for the controller.

These changes are designed to help you offer even greater value to your customers as they look to improve their homes with natural light and fresh air.