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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Unique Replacement Windows that Make a Statement

One way to immediately add value to your home is with replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. And experimenting with unique window designs can help enhance the look of your home and bring new life into your space. Here are a few unique options you might not have considered for your replacement window project:

1. Corner Window Placement

Cramped bedrooms are a common problem for homeowners. This is because most bedrooms are located in the back corners of the house, especially homes with an open floorplan living space. One way to make a bedroom feel brighter and larger is by taking advantage of corner windows. It will add the illusion of more space and bring more light and fresh air into the room. Double-hung windows or sliding windows are great options for this type of installation.

2. Awning Windows

Need more air circulation in some rooms but don’t want to sacrifice a lot of wall space? Awning windows are a great option for added ventilation because they can open, even on rainy days. They are also great windows for hard to reach places like above the cabinets or above other windows. You can place awning windows higher up on the wall and still have access to light and ventilation. Looking to make a statement? Install an oversized awning window from the kitchen along the porch or patio for an outdoor serving area.

3. Wall of Windows

A wall of floor-to-ceiling windows is stunning and dramatic, but it can also be intimidating and expensive to install. A simpler alternative is to partner windows, either lining them up side by side or stacking them. The result is an impressive window display at a more affordable price point and simpler installation.

4. Row of Casement Windows

These window styles hinge to one side and like a door, they swing inward or outward to open. They are a vastly popular window style because they work well with almost any home design. But most people don’t consider installing a row of casement windows. Lining them up in a two-lite, three-lite, four-lite configuration will bring a lot of needed light and ventilation into space. Homeowners can even install two casement windows inside a single frame for windows that open like French doors for additional interest.

5. Cut Glass Designs

Cut glass is an old-world design that is making a steady comeback. These are great for windows where you want plenty of light, but still want to maintain privacy. The etched or cut glass comes in several different designs, some simple and modern, others more elaborate. It is a great way to enhance the look of your windows both inside and out.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are highly customizable. And adding unique designs and window details to your home can have a dramatic effect. If you are ready to bring new light and life to your space, start by contacting the experts at Freelite Inc. They can help you find the best window solutions for your home and for your budget.