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Understanding All of Your Glass Options

When it comes to replacement windows you have a lot of decisions to make. Many clients focus on the big decisions like style and material. Unfortunately after spending all that time narrowing down the options, few people realize how important the glass can be. The reality is window glazing is the most important aspect of any window when it comes to thermal resistance and light transmittance. You need all the information so you can make the most informed decision. So here is what you need to understand about the glass in your window units.

Single vs Double Glazing
Single glazing means just one pane of glass, double glazing means two, and triple glazing means three. The standard used to be just one pane of glass, but single glazing does almost nothing to protect and insulate your home. With multiple glazing the panes are hermetically sealed with air space between. Not only does this make windows more energy efficient, but also stronger, quieter, and more secure.

Inert Gas Fills
Many potential buyers mistakenly presume the space between the glass panes is filled with regular air. The truth is these windows have more to them. Instead of air that houses moisture and expands and contracts with hot and cold temperatures, these windows are filled with inert gas. It is odorless, colorless, and also denser than air. That is why the windows will not fog up and the thermal performance is better. The two gases commonly used are argon and krypton.

Low-E Coatings
This term is short or low-emissivity. These windows feature a specialized, ultra-thin metallic coating. It blocks unwanted heat and ultra-violet light. These windows are ideal for the Mesa, AZ heat because they keep unwanted solar radiation out while still allowing natural light in. These coatings will make your home more energy efficient and enjoyable in both the summer and winter months.

Self-Cleaning Coatings
Manufacturers are finding new technologies around every corner. Today many offer a low-maintenance coating. It is also called self-cleaning glass. This can be a bit misleading, but the fact is these options help keep your home windows Phoenix cleaner, longer. They also make windows easier to clean.

Privacy Glass
Another option to consider is etched privacy glass. There are several levels of opacity. You can choose something that just blurs the edges or complete privacy. You can choose patterns and textures, as well as colored tints. We offer Milgard, Marvin, and Pella windows and each has their own unique styles of privacy glass to choose from.08

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