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Why Should I Turn a Window into a Sliding Patio Door?

Yes, it can be done. And Freelite is just the installation company to do it. Today homeowners are not restricted to a traditional window and door replacement. They are so many options at your disposal. You don’t have to settle for the same old windows. This fun, challenging, and unique project is becoming more popular. It can give your home that much-needed update you have been looking for. Here are a few reasons to consider this kind of update:

1. Great View
The large glass panes of sliding patio doors capture an amazing view of the outdoors. It makes nature and the outside environment a bigger part of your home. So if you have a beautiful garden or backyard outside, you can capitalize on this view with sliding patio doors.

2. More Light
And with a more expansive view also comes more natural light. The large panes that run from the floor to the top of the door give you more daylight. You will hardly ever need to turn on artificial lighting during the day. This can cut down on those utility bills and improve your wellbeing, making your home a more welcoming and inviting place. It can make any cramped room feel more spacious.

3. Style
Sliding glass doors can add a great deal of beauty and elegance to your home. You have many style choices available to help you dress up your doors, or trim them down to match a more minimalist style. You are sure to find a patio door that matches and amplifies the personality and charm of your home.

4. Fresh Air
Having a sliding patio door at your disposal can make a world of difference in ventilation. These installations can help circulate the air better, allowing cool air to flow in while warm air moves out. You can capture the fresh breeze at night while you sleep improving air quality, smell, and comfort.

5. Better Traffic Flow
If you are big on family gatherings or neighborhood BBQs then sliding doors are great for traffic flow both to and from the house. They are durable and easy to operate. Also, if you choose wider styles, these doors can also make it easier to move larger furniture in and out of your home.

6. Maximize Space
These windows create the illusion of more space, much like mirrors. They can make small, cramped rooms feel larger and more spacious. Also, sliding glass doors actually save space as well. Because they are on a track you do not have to accommodate the space for inswing or outswing as you would have to do with hinged doors.

7. Energy Saving Options
Most homeowners in Phoenix, AZ hesitate to add sliding patio doors because they think it lowers energy efficiency. But the truth is modern window technologies make installing sliding glass doors much more efficient. Double-glazing with argon gas and Low-E coatings can keep the cool air inside and the summer heat out.

For more information about turning a window into a sliding patio door Phoenix, AZ contact Freelite at (602) 233-1981. We can provide a no-hassle quote and answer any questions you may have. Stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 to talk with a window and door professional.