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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Tips to Prepare for Replacement Windows

Now that you have made the decision to get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, and purchased your products, it is time to prepare for the installation. Here are some steps to follow to help get your home ready:

Move Furniture Out of the Way

The first thing you want to do is give installers easy access to the areas of your home where you are getting new windows. This usually means moving large furniture items like couches and bookshelves away from the windows. You also might need to move plants, area rugs, side tables, and other items located in the work area. And don’t focus only on the inside. There are things outside you might also have to move so the installers have full access. Making sure the way is clear will not only reduce the risk of damage but will make installation faster and more efficient.

Remove Window Treatments and Wall Hangings

In addition to moving the furniture, you will also want to take down any window coverings and wall hangings, especially if you plan on reusing them after the installation. You would be surprised how many people tend to forget this important step. It will slow down the process if this step is left to the contractors. It could also mean inadvertent damage if the installers accidentally knock something down.

Cover Floors and Furniture

The removal and installation of windows require some demolition and can be dirty work. The installers will show up with some of their own coverings, but it wouldn’t hurt to put down a few of your own. Just confirm with the contractors what areas they plan to cover and then you can do whatever else you feel might be necessary. You can use plastic sheeting, tarps, or canvas coverings to help protect your floors and furniture.

Leave an Area for the Workstation

Generally, contractors will use a space in the driveway or front yard as a workstation. You want to be sure you move your cars on the day of installation, so you can give them the room they need and so you don’t get blocked in if you need to use your car.


Technicians will not always be able to close the doors and gates behind them. So during installation, you do not want to have pets or small children underfoot. It is better to keep them in a safe place away from the hustle and bustle of construction.

Give Installers Access

On the day of installation, someone needs to be home to let the contractors in and out of the home. And if you have a security company it is important to call them and disable the alert systems while the contractors work. Then call the security company again so they can reconnect your systems when the work is complete.
replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Window installation might involve a day or two of minor inconveniences while you get your home ready and get new windows in place. But if you take the time to prepare, the installation process will run smoothly. And before you know it you will be enjoying your replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ.