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Tips for Maintaining Patio Doors

In Scottsdale, AZ, you probably use your patio doors every single day. This is because the patio becomes an extended living space, especially during seasons of swimming, barbecues, and outdoor parties. Sliding glass doors are the most popular in the area because they are easy to operate and allow a larger amount of natural sunlight into your home. They also often suffer the most damage and neglect. Over time, the rollers stop working and sliding the patio door becomes a chore.

Dirty rollers and tracks are the leading reason doors stop gliding smoothly. Hair, mud, food, rocks all get caught and can clog the rollers. So here are a few maintenance tips to help keep your Scottsdale sliding patio doors running smoothly.

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Supplies for Patio Door Maintenance

Here is a short list of things you will need:

•   Toothbrush or small wire brush

•   Vacuum

•   Silicone based lubricant

•   Phillips and slotted screwdrivers

Step 1. Remove the Door

Pop off the plugs covering the screws (usually near the corners of the frame) and lower or lift your door on the track. Adjust just until the door can clear the track and remove it. Sliding doors can be heavy, so you will need help clearing the track and setting the door down safely on a drop cloth.

Step 2. Clean the Track and Rollers

This is the first place to start cleaning because the traps so much of the dirt and grime. To clean the track use the toothbrush or wire brush to clear away debris. Also, look for and remove any rocks or gravel. Vacuum up any remaining dirt. Remove the wheels and do the same, removing dirt and hair as best you can.

Step 3. Lubricate

Once the track is devoid of grime, spray it with your lubricant. Be sure to use a silicone-based product, because it will not attract dirt or cause buildup. If you have any questions, you can contact the manufacturer and make sure you are getting the best product for your particular patio door. You should also use more lubricant on the bottom track and wheels to protect against unwanted friction.

Step 4. Replace Weather Stripping

If the seal is torn, cracked, or broken in any way you should replace it, especially where sliding and fixed panels overlap. Remove the old weather stripping, being careful not to scrape the finish, and replace with a brand new strip. This will improve the seal and increase the energy efficiency of your patio door.

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Step 5. Replace a Damaged or Poor Screen

Most sliding doors do not come with premium screens. They constantly fall out of alignment and require regular adjustments. It is even worse if someone has tried to walk through it and bent it out of shape. If you are tired of dealing with a balky screen, talk to our installers about a premium screen door. They do not flex like traditional aluminum and the thicker frames will hold up so much better.

Once you reassemble your door and make minor adjustments to the rollers, you should be in for a smooth ride. And if you are not comfortable dismantling your patio door, you can call a professional installer for a quick tune up.