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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Tips for Making a Small Window Look Bigger

Large-scale windows are attractive. They provide plenty of natural light and an expansive view of the outdoors. But not all rooms and not all homes have these large architectural installations. In fact, a lot of homes built in the 60s and 70s feature multiple small windows that can be difficult to work around. You could get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Or you can use some of these tips to make smaller windows look bigger.

Strategically Place Mirrors

Small windows don’t let in a lot of daylight. But one way to capitalize on the light you do get is with mirrors. Place mirrors across from or alongside small windows. This will help make the windows appear larger and bounce more sunlight around the rest of the room.

Ditch Heavy Shades and Curtains

When it comes to small windows, you want to maximize daylight, not diminish it with heavy drapes, shades, and curtains. Dark curtains block and absorb light. Swap these for sheer or lighter-colored curtains.

Play with Pattern

People who want to look tall and slender usually avoid wearing horizontal stripes. The same goes for windows. If you want windows to appear wider you can employ horizontal stripes to your advantage. But if you want windows to look taller, try vertically-oriented patterns to help draw the eye upward.

Manipulate Height and Width

Another trick to making windows seem larger is by hanging the curtain rod above the frame, closer to where the wall meets the ceiling. And you can add width by using a rod that is longer than the windows and hanging the drapes from the edge of the window to the edge of the rod. This tricks the eye into thinking there is glass behind the fabric instead of just the wall.

Cover with Plantation Shutters

Interior shutters are another elegant solution that can help add bulk to smaller windows. Again, installers can place shutters that are larger than the opening to make a window appear larger than it really is.

Add Trim and Embellishments

One way to add bulk to smaller windows is by installing window trim. You can choose decorative trim and an entablature if you like a more Victorian style. Or you can use wide, flat trim pieces for a more modern look. And casings that are larger than standard sizes are sure to make a window stand out.

Match the Trim to the Wall

Contrasting trim was a popular aesthetic for a long time. But unfortunately, this trend can make small windows look even tinier. For a more streamlined look that makes windows appear larger try matching the color of the trim to the color of the wall.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Rearrange the Furniture

A small window can look out of place on a blank wall. But placing a sideboard or desk underneath the window can help frame it so it no longer looks out of place.

In some cases, the best option might be upgrading to a larger window. Installers can expand almost any window opening to accommodate a larger installation. For help choosing the right replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact the experts at Freelite Inc.