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Tips for Getting a Brighter Home

Many Arizona residents worry that more daylight in the home also means more heat. That is why so many homes have small windows that often get covered with blinds or drapes. This can make the inside of the home feel dark, cramped, and dreary. A lack of daylight can also decrease productivity, reduce focus, impact mood, and disrupt healthy sleeping patterns. Fortunately, with a few updates like replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, you can get more daylight in the home without the added temperature.

Why is a Bright Home More Beautiful?

Natural light is very appealing, especially in the home. Light from windows gives the perception of added height and space. It makes a room feel larger, cleaner, and more welcoming. It also helps reduce the need for artificial lighting. This is why homes with plenty of daylight often have a higher value and are more appealing to prospective buyers. If your home feels a bit dark, here are some tips you can use to make it feel brighter.

Try Lighter Color Palates

Lighter colors reflect light instead of absorbing it. That is why homes painted and furnished in lighter colors often feel brighter even though they might have less natural light. So you should use lighter colors wherever possible—on walls, floors, furnishings, etc. This does not mean to make everything white. Instead, consider light neutrals that will still bring interest and variety to the space. Even furniture in lighter hues can help brighten up a room.

Less Opaque Window Treatments

Many homeowners in Arizona favor thicker window treatments to help absorb unwanted heat gains from the windows. In turn, they lose a lot of natural light. Fortunately, there are so many window treatments on the market that give you better control over both light and heat. One example is solar shades. The unique honeycomb shape of these windows helps trap heat so it does not enter the home. But the shades themselves can be sheer and filter in plenty of natural light.

Cut Glass Solutions

Etched glass is another design option to consider. These products filter in a lot of light, but still obscure the view inside so you can maintain privacy. And with so many styles and design options, it is easy to find a solution that complements the style of your home.

Smoother or Lighter Flooring

Traditional dark flooring absorbs a lot of light. It also tends to draw the eye downward. A better solution is smoother flooring in lighter colors. But it is important to find a solution that does not show the dirt and works well for your personal cleaning and maintenance routines.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Replacement Windows

Modern windows have new insulating technologies so you can get larger windows and larger panes of glass without the concern for added heat. The technologies include more panes of glass, inert gas fills, and special glass coatings that repel heat but still allow plenty of visible light to shine through.

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