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Three Things to Know About Buying Windows in a Hot Climate

If your home is getting up there in years, your windows might need to be replaced. But buying windows can be stressful and complicated. There is no simple, one-size-fits-all product that will work well in every situation. And when investing hundreds of dollars into your home, this is a decision you want to get right. Here is some information that will help make sense of all the new advancements and window technologies you can find for replacement windows.

1. Replacement Windows are More Energy Efficient
The first thing you want to figure out is how to read the energy labels on your replacement windows. In hot climates, a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is the most important window property. It tells you how much solar heat is transmitted through the window. You want a rating of 0.25 of less. You also want a U-factor of 0.4 or less. This rating expresses the window’s resistance to non-solar heat flow. And you want an Air Leakage (AL) rating of 0.3 or less. All of these combine to give you superior energy performance for homes in Scottsdale, AZ.

2. Choose Low-E Coatings
Harsh ultraviolet light and solar radiation causes unwanted heat. It can also cause fabrics to fade and break down. In some cases, window glazing is tinted to reduce heat gains. And while they block unwanted heat gains, some coatings block out natural light as well. If you want the best of both worlds (natural light without unwanted heat and damage), then you need to choose replacement windows with low-e glass. This ultra-thin layer of silver or tin oxide reflects unwanted solar heat while still allowing in plenty of natural light. You get improved daylighting and better efficiency.

3. You Don’t Need Triple Glazed Windows for Energy Efficiency
A common misconception is that you need triple pane glass for optimal efficiency. While this is true in cold climates, an extra pane of glass doesn’t improve energy efficiency that much in warmer climates. Sure, it will be more energy efficient, but usually there are not enough savings to justify the cost. However, if you live near and airport or on a busy street, triple pane windows will insulate against the sound. They also are not as easy to break through. So if you are looking for quiet along with peace of mind, you might give triple pane windows a closer look.

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Windows don’t last forever. In fact, the harsher climate will cut in to the lifespan of almost any construction grade material. They will become warped, faded, or brittle over time. And as the material breaks down, so does the efficiency. Outdated windows will be a major source of unwanted heat gains and losses and start jacking up your heating and cooling costs. To keep your home comfortable, you will literally be throwing money out the window. That is why you can’t ignore old windows.

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