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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Three Main Reasons to Replace All Your Windows at Once

Most homeowners know when it is time to replace their windows because things start breaking down. They notice drafts, leaks, condensation, or broken glass. But few homeowners know if they should replace just the one troublesome window or go for the entire house. Getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ is a big investment. And not everyone is ready to tackle the entire project all at once. So what do you do? Replace one window, a few windows, or all of them? Here are a few reasons to choose to replace all the windows at once:


While not always a top priority, curb appeal is important. Switching only one outdated window with a brand new product will make the rest of the windows look even more dilapidated in comparison. This is one main reason why homeowners choose to replace all their windows at once. It creates a more uniformed style, updates the aesthetic of the home, and can increase the value of the home. But if that isn’t in the budget, another good idea is to replace the front-facing windows one story at a time. This can help make the transition less noticeable while you save up to finish out the project.


If most of your windows are the same age, it is often more beneficial to replace all the windows at once. Otherwise, the moment you get one window replaced, another faulty window crops up and you have to start the process all over again. This is especially true in an older home with all the original windows. Most construction-grade windows have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years at most. And if windows are about 15 years old, it is probably time to start making plans to have them all replaced.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Lower Cost

There are various costs associated with new windows. Two main ones include the cost of the product and the cost of installation. The price of each window won’t vary much if you are purchasing one or thirty. That said, you might get some kind of promotional discount for purchasing more windows at one time. But the bigger price difference comes down to labor costs. If you choose to get replacement windows for the whole house the company will send out a crew and they will work for two to three days until the entire project is complete. That way they can unload everything once and pack up when the job is finished. But staggering the project and only installing two or three windows at a time means the crew will have to make several trips to your home. Each installation will still take one or two days for each installation. And the cost of labor and installation is significantly higher in the long run.

If you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ you should call Freelite, Inc. We can get you a hassle-free quote for your project, whether it is one window or fifty, and help you figure out which option makes the most financial sense for your situation.