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How to Spring Clean Your Windows

With Spring on the horizon in Phoenix, AZ, many homeowners are looking to clear out and clean up. But most people overlook an important feature in their home—their windows. If you want to prolong the life of your windows, and keep them looking and working like new, you need to go beyond the typical glass cleaning. These steps will help you keep your home windows in tip top shape.

Gather Your Tools

Before getting started, you want to take a moment and assemble the items you need for a full on spring cleaning of your windows. In addition to soft, lint-free cloths and your favorite glass cleaner, you also want to grab a soft bristle brush, mild detergent and water in a bucket, a plastic putty knife, and some silicone spray. Your vacuum will also be helpful. You might need a ladder to clean the exterior surfaces of second story windows. Never use razor blades, abrasive cleaners, or a pressure washer to clean your windows. These will do much more harm than good.

Remove Window Screens

Depending on your window styles, this step should be fairly easy. Not only will removing the screens give you access to the tracks, but also give you easy access to the glass. Just make sure you lay them on a flat, clean surface or prop them up in the shower. You don’t want to accidentally damage the screens while you clean.

Clean the Frames

Next you want to wipe down the window frames with your mild soap and water. Use a soft cloth first, then use more soap and a soft bristle brush for tougher dirt. While cleaning do not let water drip down the frames. Instead work quickly cleaning, rinsing, and drying the frames.

Clean the Glass

With the frames clean you can move on to cleaning your window glass, both inside and outside. Commercial glass cleaner works, or a mixture of vinegar and water works just as well. Use your soft, lint-free cloths, or switch to newspaper for a streak free shine. You can try a few different products and solutions until you find something that works best for you and your windows.

Clean and Grease the Window Track

Before pulling out your silicone spray, you first want to remove as much dirt and debris as you can. Start with the vacuum to suck up anything that is loose. Then use the soft bristle brush and plastic putty knife to dislodge anything that has gotten stuck in there. Once the track is clear you can wipe with a soft cloth and then apply lubrication. Don’t spray directly into the track, because overspray can get on your clean frames or glass. Instead spray into the cloth and then wipe down the track and jamb liner. You will also want to clean and lube any moving parts on your windows.

Spray the Screens

Lastly, clean the screens. You can do this in the tub, if that is where you put them. Or you can wash them on the driveway or out on the lawn. Gently spray the screens from the hose. If you notice tougher dirt you can use more of the mild soap and water and a soft brush to remove stains. Rise with clear water and allow the screens time to dry before reinstalling.

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