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Solve These Common Household Problems with Replacement Windows

Homeowners often put off replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ as long as possible. They not only worry about the cost but also get intimidated by all the options on the market and worry the investment will not be worth it. What many people tend to forget is all the benefits that stem from getting replacement windows. They do so much more than simply spruce up the home. Here are just some of the common household problems homeowners can solve with replacement windows:

Poor Energy Efficiency

One of the leading reasons why homeowners upgrade to new windows is to save money on their energy bills. It is true, replacement windows can make a home more energy efficient. But are the savings worth it? The truth is window technologies have come a long way, even in just the last ten years. With the right window style, frame material, and glazing technologies homeowners can save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills per year.

Lack of Natural Light

Natural light has many benefits. It improves health and well-being and makes a home appear larger, cleaner, and more welcoming. So many homeowners use replacement windows as an opportunity to get more light in their homes. Options include getting larger windows or strategically placing windows to capitalize on daylight. And because of the energy saving technologies, homeowners get the natural light they want without the radiant heat.

Noise Pollution

In addition to blocking heat and the elements, windows also help put a damper on outside noise. This is something many homeowners take for granted but proves to be a significant feature if a home is located near a busy street, school, or airport. New windows can include different features to block even more noise.

No Natural Ventilation

Fresh air is essential, but not all homes have adequate ventilation. In some cases, this is because of improper window styles and placement. Upgrading to replacement windows can remedy the problem. Some of the best styles for natural ventilation include sliding, single hung, double hung, and casement windows. Strategically placing these windows throughout the home will increase natural ventilation and improve the indoor air quality.

Time Consuming Maintenance

As windows age, they tend to break down and get harder to clean and maintain. Not to mention the difficulty and expense of finding replacement parts on old windows. With replacement windows, the tasks of cleaning and maintenance do not have to be such a chore. Instead, it only takes mild detergent, water, and a soft cloth to keep windows looking new. And with proper maintenance homeowners can prolong the life of their replacement windows.

Insufficient Security

Dilapidated windows can pose a threat to safety and security. In fact, windows more than 30 years old could be missing crucial safety features like stronger locks, reinforced frames, and laminated glass. Replacement windows can do a better job of keeping a home and property safe and secure.

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