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Sliding or French Patio Doors: Pros and Cons

When looking at patio door styles in Phoenix, AZ, the two most common choices include sliding glass doors or hinged (commonly called French) doors. Which ones are better for your home? Well, it depends on a number of factors, but most often it simply comes down to preference. There many configurations you can choose from. So here is a little basic information to help you get started.

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What are Sliding Patio Doors?

Pretty self-explanatory, these glass paned doors slide horizontally to open and close. For this reason, they are also called gliders. Often only one panel slides while the other remains fixed, but you can buy multi-sliding doors if you have a larger budget.

Pros of Sliding Patio Doors

These doors are a great option if you are looking to save space and let in the maximum amount of natural light. If you have furniture or other obstructions, inside or outside, these doors won’t bump into anything. They are also more affordable compared to other patio door options and will bring a more contemporary look to your home. Plus, contrary to sliding doors of the past, modern products have a more secure locking system to improve security.

Cons of Sliding Patio Doors

You can only open half the glider, which means the opening is the size of a standard sized door, or smaller. If you need room for furniture or plan to host large parties, these doors can quickly become an obstacle. Sliding doors, because they open and close on a track, do have a larger threshold. You will have to step over the track to walk through. You also have to do a little more work to maintain sliding patio doors.

What are French Patio Doors?

Traditionally, French patio windows Phoenix, AZ sit side-by-side and both swing out from the center. But hinged doors can come in a number of configurations. You might choose to have only one door active and one fixed, like an atrium door. This is a great option if you like the look of French doors AZ, but do not have room for both of them to be operable. You can also choose for doors that swing inward instead.

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Pros of French Patio Doors

These doors are traditional, elegant and work well in almost any style home. They also open double wide, so you have quick and easy access to the outdoors. They let in loads of natural light and come in a variety of designs to match your personal taste. French doors are typically more secure than sliding doors.

Cons of French Patio Doors

One major downfall is that with French doors, you have to account for the swing. This means you have to consider the use of floor space, either inside or outside. You will not be able to have tables or seating near these doors. Otherwise, the doors and the furniture will compete for space. These doors are often more expensive than sliding door as well.

Both styles have pros and cons, but when you choose to work with Freelite, it is hard to make a wrong choice with either design. We have thoroughly vetted all our brands and products, making sure we provide customers with the best. Want to schedule an in-home consultation? Call us today at (602) 233-1981 or visit our showroom, 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.