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Signs You Need New Patio Doors in Phoenix, AZ

The front door is the formal entrance to your home. The patio door is more private and casual. It is the gateway to your garden, backyard, pool, or patio. And if your patio door is damaged or old it can really impact the functionality of your home and your daily routines. Do you need to replace your patio doors in Phoenix, AZ? Here are some signs to watch for:  

Outdated Design 

Aesthetics often take a back seat to functionality. But what few homeowners realize is design involves more than just what the patio doors look like. It also dictates the operation, style, efficiency, and functionality. Modern technologies have brought these products leaps and bounds into the future. They are more secure, more efficient, and more durable than ever before.   

Cosmetic Damage 

Is the glass on your sliding door broken? Do the latches work on your French doors? Is the paint chipped and flaking off of your wooden frames? These aesthetic issues often come with other, more serious problems.   

Difficult Operation 

Does the door get stuck or fall off the track every time you try to open it? Do you a have to wrestle with the locks and latches? Do the doors squeak or grind every time you have to open them? Your patio doors should open and close smoothly, every time. You could try some sliding patio door repairs, but sometimes you need to buy replacement doors.   

Heat Transfer or Drafts 

If you have noticed a significant temperature difference near your patio door it usually means you have an air leak or heat transfer. To keep your home comfortable while still bringing your energy bills back down you need to replace your patio doors.   

Condensation or Moisture Leaks 

If you have double glazing on your patio doors you should not notice moisture between the frames. If you do see fogging or water droplets the seals on your door have failed. This is a major cause for concern because it means your windows no longer insulate as they should. The only fix to this problem is purchasing a replacement door.   

Gaps around the Door 

If you notice light coming in through the gaps around your patio doors it likely means your home’s foundation has settled or the door or frame is warped. You will want to replace the doors as soon as possible.   

Structural Damage 

Major damage usually occurs because of impact. Maybe it was a severe storm, an accidental collision, or a miss thrown baseball. You can often repair smaller, cosmetic problems. But for more substantial structural damage you will need replacement patio doors.  

patio doors in Phoenix, AZ
Like everything else, patio doors in Phoenix, AZ don’t last forever. And if your patio doors have not been replaced in about 15 years they may not be up to par. Call Freelite at (602) 233-1981. We can provide an honest, no-hassle quote on new patio doors for your home. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 to talk with an expert today.