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Signs it’s Time for a Window Replacement

In all of the commotion of everyday life, most homeowners lack the time to pay much attention to the quality of their windows. Unfortunately, neglecting our windows can lead to high energy bills and overall discomfort at home. In Scottsdale, homeowners are making the wise decision to purchase replacement windows. These concerns may leave you wondering if you are due to have the windows in your home replaced. To help you decide if it’s time to purchase new windows, we have put together a list of signs to be aware of. If you notice one or more of the following signs, we highly suggest speaking with a windows and doors specialist:

1.   They Easily Become Jammed: If your windows require some extra muscle to open and close, it may be time for new windows. Not only are blocked windows frustrating, but they can also be very dangerous as they could inhibit exiting your home in an emergency.

2.   You Feel a Draft: Feeling a draft near your windows and doors is a sign of poor insulation. You are likely losing a great deal of heat through your windows, which could be making your home feel cold and uncomfortable.

3.   You Can Clearly See Damage: As the years pass, your windows may show signs of deterioration, water stains, and chipping. These signs of wear and tear are often found on older wooden frames.

4.   They are Difficult to Clean: Newer window models (like vinyl windows) are lower maintenance and are easier to clean. If your windows require more than a simple wipe down, it may be time to upgrade your windows.

5.   They Have Become Increasingly Hard to Repair: Repairing your windows often require using specialty parts. If the parts have become harder to find your window may no longer be available on the market.

6.   You Hear Everything: While it’s normal to hear some outside noise from inside your home, hearing too much is a sign of low-quality windows. Older windows often come with single pane glass which does a poor job of keeping the noise out.

7.   Your Electric Bill is Too High: If your electric bill seems to have suddenly skyrocketed, your windows could be to blame. Windows that do a poor job of insulating allow heating and air conditioning to escape your home. This results in increased energy use and a higher electric bill.

8.   They are Outdated: If the rest of your home has a more modern look and your windows look outdated in comparison, it’s a sign it’s time to purchase new ones.

If you find yourself recognizing many of these signs, it’s likely time for a window replacement in Scottsdale, AZ. Before making any purchases, you will have to consider which of the many types of windows is right for your home. With Freelite Inc, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our windows and doors specialist. Our experts will answer any questions you may have and help find the perfect windows for your home. For your consultation simply call (602) 233-1981 or visit us in person at 331 W. McDowell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85003.