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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Signs of Bad Installation

When purchasing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ the last thing a homeowner wants is to discover their new windows were not properly installed. The installation of new windows is meticulous work and one small miscalculation or mistake could mean disastrous consequences. Here are a few signs of poor window installation:

Window Isn’t Level

After installation, homeowners can examine windows carefully and check to make sure they are level. Windows need to be level. This is not only for aesthetics, but also for functionality. A window needs to be level so the water drains properly. Also, a window that is not level will put substantial strain on the structure of the window and often result in early failure.

Cracks in the Caulk

Messy or sloppy caulk is another sign of poor window installation. The caulking around the window frame is necessary for sealing the window and protecting against leaks. It should be a visible, even layer. If the caulk is patchy, messy, or uneven it often means the installer didn’t take the time to do the job well and it is likely the rest of the window is not properly installed.

Difficult Window Operation

Windows should open and close smoothly without any fuss. A window that does not open or close properly is not any good. A window that fails to operate will quickly become stuck or refuses to fully open or close. If a homeowner pays for operational windows, it is important for the installer to guarantee that functionality.

Obvious Air Leaks

Windows play an important role in the efficiency of the home. If homeowners upgraded to new windows to improve efficiency, it is important for new windows to provide better insulation than the old windows. This means making sure there are no gaps or leaks around the window frame. And if a homeowner notices any drafts or leaks coming from their new windows they should contact the installation company right away and get the issues fixed.

Condensation between the Panes

Condensation caused by moisture and heat from the kitchen or bathroom is not something to worry about. This moisture often accumulates on the outer surface of the window and should dissipate on its own. But condensation trapped between the panes is a different story. This is a clear indication that the seal on the insulated glazing unit has failed. This means the inert gas fill between the panes has been replaced with moisture-riddled air. These windows will no longer provide the insulation the homeowner paid for and the issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Water Damage

Do the new windows leak when it starts to rain? This is a sure sign of faulty window installation. Water seeping in through the windows can lead to a slew of problems like mold growth and possible structural damage. Early signs of water damage often include yellowing, stains, peeling wallpaper, and a damp or musty smell. At the first sign of a leak, homeowners should contact the installers and have them make the necessary repairs.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Window installation is meticulous work and not something homeowners should leave to just any contractor. It is important to have windows installed by factory-trained professionals who have the proper tools and skills to get the job done right. For more information about replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ and trustworthy installation contact Freelite Inc.