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Should I Replace All my Windows at Once?

You can’t remodel half of a kitchen or finish half of an addition. But you can replace only half of your windows. In fact, it often happens that people want to replace only the windows with specific issues. They can pay for those and leave the rest for later. These are called partial projects. But is this the best strategy? Will it save you money? Here is all you need to know about replacing your windows and how many you want to replace at one time.

Do I Even Need Replacement Windows?
Sometimes it is obvious. Broken glass, warped frames, rotted wood—these are all very clear signs that you need to get replacement windows as soon as possible. But sometimes the signs are more subtle. You might notice a draft in a room, see condensation forming between the window panes, or have difficulty working a latch. These too are signs that your windows are on the way out. The first thing to consider is their age. Anything more than 20 years old probably needs replacement. But do you need to replace them all at once? Not exactly.

When Should I Only Replace Some Windows?
Replacing all the windows will be a huge investment. It is ok to replace your windows over several years. If you contract to replace five to eight windows, most companies will offer you a deal on labor costs if you can employ their installers for a full day. So if you can’t afford to do the whole job, you can absolutely replace just a few windows. The next question to ask is, which windows should you replace first?

How Do I Prioritize my Replacement Windows?
This is a good outline: safety, efficiency, cost, and design. Your first priority should always be safety and functionality. A windows that does not operate properly or has broken glass is a safety risk for you and your family. Next you will want to focus on windows with any defective glass, signs of rot, or structural damage. These windows will eventually fail sooner, rather than later. After that you can focus on energy savings, cost, and esthetics.

Is there a Time to Replace all Windows?
Many window professionals agree that if they can afford it, the customer is better severed by replacing all windows in one order. Why? Because window prices will always go up. There will also be less paperwork, time, and stress by doing it all at once. Also, the installation team will only need to visit your home for one install instead of coming out two or three times over several months.

What is the Best Option?
Ultimately the decision is yours. If you are thinking about doing a partial project in an effort to save money you need to work with a reliable window contractors Phoenix that offers reasonable prices—like Freelite.

People come in thinking they can only afford a handful of windows, but some go away being able to afford replacement windows for the whole house. Others choose to do just a few windows at once because of budget or other constraints. That is just fine. We offer a no-pressure way to buy replacement windows. To set up a consultation appointment call (602) 233-1981 or visit Freelite at 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.