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window replacement in Tempe, AZ

Should I Get Window Repair or Window Replacement?

Over time the windows in your home break down because of use and exposure to the elements. Parts can break. Materials can corrode. Calk and weather stripping can wear out. Damage can result in anything from minor leaks to complete window failure. But how do you know if you need window repair or window replacement in Tempe, AZ? Here is a quick list of some of the problems you can fix and some that require new windows:   

Minor Aesthetic Defects 

Scratches and dents on wood and fiberglass windows are fairly easy to repair. All you need is sandpaper, putty, wood filler, or paint. But the same aesthetic defects on vinyl or aluminum windows are not so easily corrected. You cannot paint vinyl windows and aluminum windows can rust. In these cases, you might have to deal with any marring or scratches until you are ready to replace the windows.   


Condensation forming on the exterior surfaces of your windows is not a big deal. It commonly occurs with temperature changes and humidity in the air. The problem will often correct on its own. But condensation between the panes is cause for concern. This is a sign of a broken seal on your insulated glazing unit (IGU). The inert gas has leaked out and been replaced with normal air. This is not a problem you can correct with window repair. If you want to restore the full efficiency and function of your windows you will need window replacement.   

Moisture Leaks 

Signs of moisture damage include peeling paint, warping, discoloration, and mold. They could come from a window pane accidentally left often, or gaps in the assembly. If you do not correct this problem soon you could have long-term damage. You can repair smaller gaps with caulk to stop some of the water infiltrations. But eventually you will want to replace windows to prevent further damage.   

Mold, Mildew and Rot 

Speaking of water damage, if you do notice mold or mildew forming on your windows you can try to clear it up with cleaning solutions, sanding and refinishing. But if you do not address the root of the cause damage and rot will only get worse. So make sure you find the actual source of the leak when making repairs.   

Poor Insulation 

There is not much you can do for old, inefficient windows. There are window coverings, draft stops, and weather stripping, but these will only get you so far. If you really want to boost the efficiency of your windows the best solution is upgrading to new ones. Modern technologies make windows of today more efficient than ever.   

Warped Frames 

As the foundation of a home settles and building materials expand and contract with temperature changes, windows can fall out of the frame. There isn’t a good way to reset these windows. Replacement windows might be the only option.   

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