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How Would You Like To Speak Directly
With A Few Of Our Past Customers?

Some companies make you jump through all kinds of hoops if you want to talk to some of their previous customers—if they even give you access at all! At FREELITE Inc, we go the opposite direction—we make a list of at least 20 recent customers available at all times to anyone who’s interested—without any conditions or restrictions. No forms to fill out…. No email barrage to endure… no questions asked.

All of the people on the list found below are actual, recent customers who have given us permission to use them as references in this way. Please be respectful of their time, but they are on this list for a reason—because they are willing to talk to you! Don’t worry… this list is frequently rotated so nobody gets overwhelmed, and if one of our customers wants off the list, we gladly and immediately honor their request.

When you do call them, you might want to ask all or some of the following questions:

  • What was your overall satisfaction with the job?
  • Would you say your experience was easy & free from hassles, pressures, and worry?
  • Were there any problems, and if so, how were they handled?
  • Was FREELITE Inc available when you needed them?
  • If you had to do it all over, would you choose FREELITE Inc again?

Click here to download a current list of customers.
Note: a PDF of our reference list will open in a separate window.

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