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The BBB Grades Companies On Grounds Of Trust, Honesty, Transparency, Responsiveness, Safeguarding Privacy, and Integrity.

They Gave Freelite Inc An A+.

The BBB has a wealth of information that consumers can (and should) use when evaluating contractors. They judge companies on 16 different factors and assign letter grades from A+ to F.

You can read in detail about their criteria for judging and accreditation, including a detailed page about their accreditation standards. You can also read their report on Freelite Inc, and see for yourself that they report we’ve been members since 1981, and hold an A+ rating (as well as an explanation of WHY they rated us A+).

Click here to see the BBB's report on Freelite Inc.
Note: the BBB's website will open in a separate window. Also, feel free to Google "BBB Freelite Inc AZ" to find the same information.

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