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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Replacement Windows Solve these Household Problems

The windows in your home do so much more than simply open the space to a nice view. And when something goes wrong with your windows it can impact your life in several ways. Eventually, issues will lead you to invest in replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. And when you do, you can solve many of these household problems.

Outdated Style

Window style is important because it impacts the aesthetics of your home both inside and out. New windows will update your home, making it look more fresh and modern. It will also boost curb appeal and attract the eye of potential buyers if you plan to sell your home.


Have certain rooms in your home that are uncomfortable and drafty? This could be from old windows that have developed gaps in the assembly. New windows will seal off air leaks, making every room in the home a more comfortable place to enjoy.

Moisture Leaks

Next to air leaks, moisture leaks are just as common on old windows. As a problem that often starts out small, many leaks can go ignored for years. What homeowners may not realize is the water coming in through the windows can damage the substructures of your home. You will want to avoid that kind of damage by investing in replacement windows.

Sticky Window Operation

Windows should open and close smoothly with very little effort. If you have to work at getting your windows open it could be more than a mere inconvenience. Sticky windows can also be a safety hazard in times of emergency.

Expensive Energy Bills

Have you noticed a significant increase in your heating and cooling bills year after year? It could be the result of outdated windows. As windows age they tend to lose efficiency as parts wear out, leaks form, and inert gas fills start to dissipate. Upgrading will have a huge impact on your energy savings.

Noise Pollution

Living on a busy street, near train tracks, or close to an airport results in a lot of unwanted noise pollution. And old windows transmit a lot of sounds. New windows come with unique technologies that not only help insulate, but also provide a barrier to sound so your home can be more peaceful and tranquil.

Stressful Maintenance

As the years go by, old windows become more difficult to clean and maintain. Many homeowners start to dread the task and put it off as long as possible. Modern windows have removable or tilt-in sashes designed for safe and easy cleaning. You won’t even have to get out the ladder to clean upper story windows.

Lack of Natural Light

Natural light is an important feature in the home. It opens up the space and makes it feel warm and welcoming. But a lot of homes, especially in the local area, feel like caves because expansive windows often meant excessive heat gains. Well, no more! The insulating and glazing technologies on modern windows make them better than ever. So you can get a wall of windows and all the natural light you want and not compromise on efficiency.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

These are just a few of the household problems you can fix with replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Looking to invest in new windows? Contact our design experts at Freelite Inc.