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High Quality Replacement Windows & Doors in Phoenix, AZ

Replacement Windows & Doors Phoenix AZ

You’ve talked it over with your family and decided that it’s time for replacement windows and doors for your Phoenix home. This is a major decision because it’s one of the most significant home improvement projects you’re going to be taking on.

These brand new replacement windows or doors are going to last at least 15 years or more, so you need to make sure that you approach this process carefully and deliberately. Don’t rush the process and try to avoid making some of the common mistakes that other Phoenix AZ area homeowners have made when choosing their replacement windows and doors.

We have included three of the most common mistakes that homeowners tend to make when they begin searching for new windows or doors. When you understand what these are, you should be able to stop yourself before stepping into the same missteps and traps.

Focusing on the cost of the windows or doors first.

Make no mistake: there’s no reason for any homeowner in Phoenix AZ or anywhere else that should have to spend more than they absolutely need to on any home improvement project.

That doesn’t mean you should get the cheapest possible products you can find, either.

It simply means that when you make cost your main priority (or your first one), you are most likely going to miss out on some great opportunities with regard to the various styles, sizes, and other aspects of replacement windows and doors.

People who shop for their new windows and doors based on searching for the cheapest ones that they can find will more often than not end up finding the cheapest companies. There are many low end, entry level windows and doors that you can choose from, and many of the them are found at the mega super home improvement outlets that have driven out of business most of the small to mid-sized hardware stores in Phoenix.

Step into one of these outlet stores and you’re going to notice a range of window sizes and styles as well as doors and when you first start talking to the sales rep (if you can get one), you might be amazed at the incredible low prices that they charge. They’ll even tell you that they match the quality of other manufacture’s windows you’ll find at window and door specialty stores (which is patently false).

It’s no secret that these mega stores have buying power, but when it comes to replacement windows and doors, that’s not why you can get some windows and doors are less than half the price that you can find elsewhere. The reason is that those windows and doors are low quality.

They are cheap.

Those are the windows that home builders choose because they are inexpensive. They may look good on the shelf in the store, but once installed in your home you’ll notice the cheap plastic hardware and a number of other problems with them.

While you may prefer those windows in the long run, do yourself and your family (as well as your home) a favor and check out a range of different windows, including manufacturers first, before choosing a specific brand or price. You’ll most likely agree that quality is far more important for this home improvement project than saving some money in the short-term.

Also, when you choose the cheapest windows, they simply won’t last nearly as long and you’ll have to do this home improvement project again before long.

Assuming that you have to choose the same size and style of window to replace your existing ones.

When you set out to replace the windows and doors in your home, it’s an incredible opportunity to completely transform any room in your home. You can actually change the style as well as the size that you have currently in every single room if you wanted to.

Of course, with more work to install them, it will increase the overall investment, but you don’t have these opportunities come around all that often.

For example, if you have been dealing with two double hung windows in the dining room that overlooks a great landscaped backyard, you could consider installing a large picture window instead to capitalize on the full view. You may also want to create the illusion of a more open space in the room and thus choose bay or bow windows.

You might also have excessively large windows in the bedroom and feel that privacy can sometimes be an issue. If that’s the case, you can install smaller windows if you want.
This is the time to make a decision to change the type, style, and even the size of the windows in any room in your home.

Don’t neglect security.

While your entry doors are the main point of entry into your home, when it comes to security, you should also look at the windows. While it’s simple to break out a pane of glass to get into a house, the majority of burglars looking to steal from you will seek out the weakest points first.

Breaking glass attracts attention, so it’s avoided if possible. That leaves the locking hardware on your windows and doors. Cheap windows will have cheap hardware that can easily be ‘popped’ or slid open from the outside. Don’t allow your family to be subject to these problems if you can help it.

Now that you’re committed to purchasing replacement windows or doors (or both) for your Phoenix AZ home, and now that you understand the three most common mistakes other homeowners have made when they did the same, you can move forward with confidence and know that you’re going to end up with windows and doors that not only improve the value of your home, but that boost security and energy efficiency as well.

In order to start your journey through this home improvement project right, contact Freelite Inc today.

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