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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Reasons You Shouldn’t Delay on Replacement Windows

Getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ is a large investment. Not only does this home improvement require a lot of money, but it also takes time to research and vet out the options. Because of this, a lot of homeowners tend to put off getting new windows. They are not ready for the cost or the time. But what they don’t realize is putting off the problem can often make things worse and more expensive in the long run. Here are a few of the key things to keep in mind:

Compromised Comfort

Old windows allow air leaks. And as they lose efficiency there is a marked difference in the comfort of the home. Some rooms will get excessively hot and others will be cooler. There is no easy fix for leaky windows. And the longer homeowners delay the installation of new windows, the less comfortable those problem areas become.

Higher Energy Bills

With time, old windows become less and less efficient. This is because weatherstripping deteriorates, seals fail, and inert gas fills dissipate. And what was once a good barrier between the outside and inside becomes the weakest link in the exterior envelope of the home. No window is going to last forever. In fact, most builder-grade windows only have a 10 to 15 year lifespan. And this loss of efficiency means an increase in a home’s heating and cooling costs. No one wants to be throwing money right out the window every month.

Problems Get Worse

A lot of homeowners delay on replacement windows because they feel the functionality of their current windows is tolerable. Sure, there are a few problems here and there, a couple of the windows have a sticky operation or some cracked glass, but it’s nothing too bad. These are the types of problems that only get worse with time and use. A small crack will spread. The sticky operation will become more and more difficult. Rust, rot, or corrosion will spread. The only viable solution is new windows.

Faulty Windows Could Lead to Other Problems

Moisture leaks are some of the leading fears. Water damage might start small, but if the leak is not sealed up water can seep into other areas of the home and cause a lot of damage to walls, flooring, and even the substructures of the home. Not to mention the mold and mildew that often develops from moisture leaks and the spores that can start impacting the health and wellbeing of the home’s occupants. If a homeowner notices water damage from a leaky window they need to get that window replaced as soon as possible.

Increased Home Value

Windows impact the curb appeal and overall value of the home. Old, worn out, dilapidated windows will be a turn-off to potential buyers. So, if homeowners are planning on selling in the near future, investing in replacement windows is a good place to start. This home improvement can get them a great return on their investment and help sell the home.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ is an investment in time and money. But this is not a project you want to put off for too long. For help finding the right products at the right price contact the window experts at Freelite, Inc.