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Reasons to Get Replacement Windows this Fall

A lot of homeowners ask the question: when is the best season to get replacement windows? Truthfully, you can get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ any time of the year. Our trained professionals are able to work under almost any conditions and nothing should stop you from getting new windows if you need them. That said, there is an ideal window of opportunity in the fall that makes it one of the better times to get new windows. Here is why.

Flexible Scheduling

The busy season for replacement windows is usually springtime and summertime. This is when a lot of homeowners plan to do their home improvement projects and work on upgrades. That can make scheduling very difficult. But in fall things start to slow down in the window industry. And with fewer clients jockeying for times and installations during the fall months, you are able to find a timeslot that works best for your schedule.

Better Weather

Windows do so much more than let in light and provide a great view. They also help regulate indoor temperatures. Unfortunately, window installation does come with some exposure to the outside. The opening will be window-free for at least part of the day. That means exposing your home to whatever the weather has in store for that day. In fall, the weather tends to be mild and temperatures are a bit more comfortable.

Mild Temperatures

Speaking of temperatures, warm weather makes the materials of homes expand and cold weather makes them contract. This is natural but can cause some problems during window installation. During the fall, local temperatures are not as extreme. And installers can get windows in place when the home is neither expanding nor contracting. That means you get the best fit for your windows.

Promotions and Deals

Fall is when a lot of companies and manufacturers start listing their deals and promotions. This is so they can help clear away their stock and move their merchandise for the end of the year. Looking for ways to save money on your replacement windows? Consider taking advantage of the fall specials when companies need to clear their inventory.

Ready for Winter

While the cooler temperatures don’t get too extreme in our area, it is still a good idea to get new windows in before the winter chill. Temperatures do drop pretty low at night and the last thing you want to do is be battling drafty windows and a chilly house.

Start Saving Right Away

The moment new windows are installed you can start saving on your energy bills. That first month you might see just a slight decrease. But once your windows have been in for a full month you will know exactly what your energy savings will look like. And you can save every month for years to come.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Still not sure if fall is the right time to get your replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ? Don’t worry. There is still time to decide. If you are ready, you can schedule a hassle-free consultation with one of our window experts today to get the ball rolling.