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Pros and Cons of Different Patio Doors

Patio doors can be one of the most popular features in your home. Not only do they give you convenient access to the outdoors, but they also fill your space with light and become a focal point of any room. Unfortunately old sliding doors tend to draw the wrong kind of attention. Dilapidated screens, rust, chipping paint, rickety operation—you don’t want to deal with that day in and day out. Once you decide it is time for a replacement you have a few decisions to make. One of the first things to consider is style. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the leading patio doors on the market.

Sliding Patio Doors
These are widely popular and what most people picture when you talk about patio doors. Also known as gliding or bypass doors, sliding doors consist of two or more individual panels with at least one that slides horizontally on hidden rollers. They do not take up unnecessary floor space or interfere with furniture. You can install one, or arrange them in a variety of combinations to create a wide expanse of glass for tons of natural light. Unfortunately sliding doors are not the most energy efficient option and you would have to pay for upgrades like triple pane glass and higher quality material. Also the track creates a threshold you have to step over.

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Swinging Patio Doors
Hinged doors are just like other entry doors, attached to the doorframe on hinges and can open in or out based on your preference. For the patio, homeowners often choose full glass panels and hang them in pairs. These are often seen in more traditional style homes. The most popular configurations are French doors or atrium doors. French doors are usually the most affordable option. They are mounted side by side and both doors are active, swinging open from the center. These are great for hosting large crowds or moving large objects in and out of your home. With atrium doors just one side is operable. These give you the appearance of French doors, but do not require as much floor space.

Folding Patio Doors
These systems open an even wider amount of space to the outdoors. They operate accordion style on an overhead track, folding neatly out of the way. These work best in more modern homes. You can choose from a few styles and install anywhere from two to eight panels. They also have several locking points to help keep them secure.

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What Material Should I Choose?
More than style, the material you choose for patio doors will often dictate the price.
• Wood. This is a great insulator with unmatched beauty, but you will be paying more up front and doing more maintenance down the road.
• Fiberglass. This material is lightweight but strong, and can hold up in the most extreme conditions. You can also paint fiberglass and it doesn’t require as much maintenance. It too is often more expensive.
• Vinyl. This is a happy medium and one of the most affordable construction materials on the market. It is strong, light, durable, and an excellent insulator.

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