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Call (602) 233-1981 right now to set up a convenient time for your FREE consultation and estimate. This is an easy, pressure-free way to get all of your questions answered.

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Shading Options for Skylights

What Can I Do About the Heat From my Skylight?

Skylights are a great way to introduce light into dark spaces. But wherever there’s light, there’s always some accompanying heat. And  in the summer, too much light can make a room uncomfortably hot. Here are some ways to keep daylighting under control:

Upgrade your Skylight

Consider replacing your acrylic dome skylight with an energy-efficient VELUX insulated glass unit. Low E, argon gas-filled glass lets in more light and less heat than plastic domes. Available in both transparent clear and translucent white glass, VELUX products qualify for a 25% state energy tax credit.

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Pricing for a standard 2 x 4’ glass skylight, installed, is around $600.00 (discounts apply on installation of multiple units).

Install an Exterior Shade

Reducing the amount of light that comes in through your skylight will also reduce the transfer of heat. Our exterior shades come in two types:

a. A HEATBLOCKER shade is a fabric-like mesh with an elastic band that drapes over a skylight much like a shower cap. These inexpensive shades can be removed in the winter when more light (and even some heat) is desirable.

Commercial Skylights

Pricing for a standard size HEATBLOCKER shade, installed, ranges from 175.00 to 225.00 (discounts apply on installation of multiple units).


b. AZ SKYSHADES are another (superior) approach to exterior shading. Using a patented system, these devices suspend Textilene brand weather-resistant shade fabric above the skylight dome, allowing for air flow which significantly reduces the surface temperature of the acrylic. These shades, too, can be easily removed in winter. And as an added bonus, they work great as golf ball deflectors!

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Pricing for most AZ SKYSHADES ranges from $275.00 to 500.00, installed (discounts apply on installation of multiple units).

Install an Interior Shade

The advantage of interior shades is that you can open and close them at will, not unlike turning a light switch on and off. VELUX offers shades for standard-size skylights in a wide range of colors. Available in “Light Filtering” and “Room Darkening” fabric, these shades come either manually operable (with a control rod) or solar-powered (with a remote). The solar-powered devices qualify for a 30% federal energy tax credit (due to expire at the end of 2016) in addition to a 25% state tax credit.

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Pricing (including installation) for a standard 2’ x 4’ manual blind is around $700.00; a solar powered blind is around 900.00, not including tax credits (discounts apply on installation of multiple units).

5 Potential Causes of Water Infiltration
at or around a Skylight:

Broken Acrylic Dome or Glass

A crack in the skylight glazing is one way that water can enter.

Skylight Not Weeping Properly

It's normal for rain to get in between the acrylic dome of a skylight and the perimeter frame. Typically, there is a gutter to collect this water; weep holes then allow for it to drain out harmlessly onto the roof. If the weep holes are covered or clogged, the water may back up and overflow the gutter, resulting in a leak inside the skylight shaft.

Excess Condensation

Although not generally a problem in our dry climate, high-humidity areas such as bathrooms sometimes give rise to excess condensation which can drip down from a skylight lens, making it appear as though the skylight is leaking.

Faulty Flashing or Seal Between the Skylight and Roof Material

Often the skylight itself is functioning properly but there's a problem with its integration into the roof system — perhaps a poor seal or a gap in the flashing.

A Roof Problem Away from the Skylight

A roof problem upslope from the skylight may be the cause of the leak: water gets under the roofing, runs into the skylight shaft and travels down into the room below.

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3 Reasons You May Want to
Upgrade Your Skylight:

Why upgrade your skylight if it's not leaking?

Avoid Future Problems

Skylights older than five years are a threat to leak because of deterioration caused by years of exposure to our intense desert heat.

Increase Your Skylight's Energy Efficiency

By replacing your acrylic dome skylight with a VELUX Low E/Argon Gas-filled unit, you’re not only prolonging the life of your skylight, you’re SAVING ENERGY. And all VELUX skylights qualify for an Arizona energy tax credit which means that 25% of the total cost of the job is refunded to you. So the price for upgrading to VELUX is often no more expensive than simply changing out acrylic domes.

Add a Skylight Shade

Choosing VELUX means you have the ability to incorporate one of their state-of-the-art shading devices into your new skylight. This gives you total control over the light and heat entering your home. VELUX shades come in a wide variety of colors and are available manually operable, electric, or solar battery powered. Some qualify for state and federal energy tax credits!

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Call (602) 233-1981 right now to set up a convenient time for your FREE consultation and estimate. This is an easy, pressure-free way to get all of your questions answered.

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