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Shading Options for Skylights

What Can I Do About the Heat From my Skylight?

Skylights are a great way to introduce light into dark spaces. But wherever there’s light, there’s always some accompanying heat. And  in the summer, too much light can make a room uncomfortably hot. Here are some ways to keep daylighting under control:

Upgrade your Skylight

Consider replacing your acrylic dome skylight with an energy-efficient VELUX insulated glass unit. Low E, argon gas-filled glass lets in more light and less heat than plastic domes. Available in both transparent clear and translucent white glass, VELUX products qualify for a 25% state energy tax credit.

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Pricing for a standard 2 x 4’ glass skylight, installed, is around $600.00 (discounts apply on installation of multiple units).

Install an Exterior Shade

Reducing the amount of light that comes in through your skylight will also reduce the transfer of heat. Our exterior shades come in two types:

a. A HEATBLOCKER shade is a fabric-like mesh with an elastic band that drapes over a skylight much like a shower cap. These inexpensive shades can be removed in the winter when more light (and even some heat) is desirable.

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Pricing for a standard size HEATBLOCKER shade, installed, ranges from 175.00 to 225.00 (discounts apply on installation of multiple units).


b. AZ SKYSHADES are another (superior) approach to exterior shading. Using a patented system, these devices suspend Textilene brand weather-resistant shade fabric above the skylight dome, allowing for air flow which significantly reduces the surface temperature of the acrylic. These shades, too, can be easily removed in winter. And as an added bonus, they work great as golf ball deflectors!

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Pricing for most AZ SKYSHADES ranges from $275.00 to 500.00, installed (discounts apply on installation of multiple units).

Install an Interior Shade

The advantage of interior shades is that you can open and close them at will, not unlike turning a light switch on and off. VELUX offers remote-controlled solar-powered blinds for standard-size skylights in a wide range of colors, in both “Light Filtering” and “Room Darkening” fabrics. Because they qualify as solar devices, VELUX blinds currently qualify for significant state and federal energy tax credits (these same tax credits apply on all skylight projects as long as you Incorporate factory-installed blinds).

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Currently, the energy tax credits offered are:

  1. State: 25% of the total job cost, materials and labor ($1,000 lifetime cap)
  2. Federal: 30 % of the total job cost with no limit (Note that the federal tax credit will go down to 26% in 2020 and 22% in 2021)

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