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Milgard Arizona

Thousands of Residents near Phoenix, AZ Have Hired Us to Install MILGARD Windows on Their Homes. Why?

Because MILGARD Windows Are Scientifically Proven to Perform As Well As Brands That Cost Twice As Much!

Also: Arizona residents hire us because we’re just one of a handful of companies that have earned the coveted 5 Star Diamond Dealer Status—an honor reserved for only the most skilled window-replacement companies.

Before we started installing MILGARD windows, we researched hundreds of window brands. We wanted to find that one window that was perfect for Arizona homes.

Sure, companies like Allside, Simonton, and Andersen make quality windows—but they’re either overpriced, or lacking in innovation, energy efficiency, or customer service.

As soon as we found MILGARD, though, we recognized a window company we wanted to associate our name with. Continue reading to learn why MILGARD is the best choice in windows for Arizona.


MILGARD offers the highest possible energy-savings, exceeding all Energy Star® standards, with its exclusive 3DMAX® Energy Package

In addition to utilizing high-insulating frame materials like vinyl and fiberglass, their windows incorporate:

SunCoatMAX® Glass

This special triple-coat Low-E technology reduces summertime heat gain 64.5% over ​ordinary single-coat Low-E glass, providing a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of only .27. This ​means that only 27% of radiant heat passes through the glass, relative to a pane of clear ​quarter-inch glass. Click here to read a special report about SHGC and energy efficiency.

Argon Gas

Argon, an inert gas, is heavier than air. Thus, when the space between the two panes of insulated glass is filled with argon, it slows down the conduction of heat through a window.

EdgeGardMAX™ Spacer

Most spacers separating the two panes of insulated glass are made of metal, a good conductor of heat and cold. A better option is MILGARD’s state-of-the-art “warm edge” spacer which insulates against energy transfer.

Click here to learn more about energy efficiency ratings.

Install Milgard

MILGARD produces their own vinyl extrusions and fiberglass pultrusions.

This gives them the ability to use proprietary designs that are more technologically advanced than “off-the-shelf” materials and to allow for stringent quality control.

MILGARD also has their own testing facilities to ensure ongoing compliance with AAMA (American Architecture Manufacturers Association) certified standards.


Milgard Phoenix Az

Milgard Phoenix Az

MILGARD offers a wide range of options: aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass

Vinyl is the best-selling window, but you may want to consider fiberglass or aluminum, depending on your taste and budget. It all depends on the style and performance you’re looking for. And every window is custom-built to your order. You don’t have to pay one extra penny for special sizing—so you not only get the right product, but the right fit, too.

If you want an up-close-and-personal look at the types of windows we offer, click here.

MILGARD has a local presence

Unlike many manufacturers that make you wait until they have a representative in the area to handle any service issues, MILGARD has support staff based right here in the Valley. This means they can attend to any problems quickly.

Milgard Replacement

Why we’re one of the ONLY MILGARD 5 Star Diamond Dealers in Arizona

Top Milgard Dealer

Earning a 5 Star Diamond Dealer status is tough.

To maintain it, MILGARD continually tests us on our product knowledge and performs independent inspections on our installation techniques.

Every quarter, MILGARD surveys our customers to gauge how well we’re performing our job. If we don’t pass each test with flying colors, MILGARD yanks our 5 Star Diamond Dealer status away.

So when we say we’ve held our 5 Star Diamond Dealer status for years, you know we’re the right company to install your windows.

Milgard Windows Arizona Overview

About Milgard Windows & Doors

MI Windows and Doors, one of the nation’s largest suppliers in precision-built windows and sliding patio doors acquired Milgard in 2019. With plants located in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas MI offers a broad range of products for new constructions as well as replacements.

In 1958, Maurice Milgard and his son Gary started a small company in Tacoma called the Milgard Glass Company manufacturing aluminum windows. The company soon expanded into other areas of production and in 1961 Gary's brother Jim joined the company.

In 1962, Gary Milgard left the glass company and founded an aluminum window fabrication business called "Milgard Manufacturing.". His objective was to provide a reliable source of quality windows that met specific architectural needs in the western United States.

Milgard Manufacturing Company started producing sliding glass doors in 1968 and two years later they redesigned the aluminum frames to fit both single-pane and insulating glass. In cold weather areas where only wood had been effective before, Milgard developed a type of frame that was suitable for the climate. In 1989, Milgard® windows with vinyl frames were introduced. In 1990, a new line of fiberglass windows and doors known as WoodClad™ was launched by the company.

Milgard's growth shows no sign of slowing down. In addition to their Tacoma factory, they have locations for manufacturing, sales, and service operations in Portland Oregon as well as Sacramento California's Simi Valley Temecula areas.

Are Milgard Windows good?

Milgard replacement windows are a great option for your home, given the vast series of options. Each window serves its purpose and can be purchased within its respective serials based on either design or functional needs. Milgard's 6 series of windows are a fantastic option for affordable, high-quality replacement options.

What are the most common window types?

Milgard Single Hung Windows

Milgard single hung windows

A single-hung window is commonly known as a casement, and it has two sashes. One of the sashes slides up to allow air into a room while one remains stationary in its place. Milgard offers plenty of different replacement windows that you can choose from depending on your preferences such as Tuscany, Montecito, or Style Line series among others like Ultra or Woodclad Series.

Milgard Double Hung Windows

Milgard double hung windows

The new Essence, Tuscany, Montecito, Ultra Woodclad, and Quiet Line Series windows from Milgard have double-hung designs with one sliding sash that tilts up to allow you to easily clean inside your home. Each tilts inwards for easy cleaning, and they both slide from the bottom up or top-down respectively.

Milgard Casement Windows

Milgard Casement windows

Milgard hinged casement windows are the most affordable option on the market. Milgard Essence, Tuscany Montecito, Style Line Ultra Series and WoodClad QuietLine Aluminum versions all have a single crank which makes them easy to use.

Milgard Awning Windows

Milgard Awning windows

What sets Milgard awning windows apart from other types of casement is that they are hinged at the top and open outward. They can be opened or closed with handles while also being locked in place, making them easier to use than some window options. Milgard Awning windows come in the following series: Essence, Tuscany, Montecito, Style Line, and Ultra.

Milgard Sliding Windows

Milgard Horizontal Sliding Windows

Milgard sliding windows are typically wider than they are tall. They have two sashes that slide on the left or right, making them a single slider when one of those slides and double sliders where both do. Double sliders provide maximum ventilation if there is only one window in a room as well as being popular among homeowners who may choose to outfit several rooms with Milgards at once! The Essence, Tuscany, Montecito, Style Line, and Ultra Series are available with horizontal sliding windows.

The Milgard Window Series What Are Their Differences?

Choose from a wide range of Milgard Window Series. Each window type comes with its benefits and price points so there's sure to be something for everyone!

Each series is unique and this approach to window design allows Milgard to provide different options for projects of all types. The seven series of Milgard windows are the Essence, Tuscany, Montecito, Style Line, Ultra & Woodclad, Quiet Line, and Aluminum Window Series. All these models have their unique style that will give your home a fresh new look when you replace them with old ones.

Milgard Essence Windows

Milgard has launched a pioneering new series of wood windows with fiberglass exterior protection. The highest quality materials are used in the process, and these beautiful-looking wooden windows provide homeowners with insulation that is natural while protecting their homes from outdoor elements like rain, wind, snow, etc.

There are so many design options! Consumers can choose from fir, natural pine, or primed pine for the interior wood which is then stained or painted based on preferences. There are 16 color options to select from for the exterior fiberglass frame and five different hardware finishes that all use SmartTouch locks.

The Essence Series is the next generation in window protection. The designers and engineers mulled multiple units together to create a tight seal, providing exceptional weather resistance through its water management system that protects natural wood from leaks.

Milgard Tuscany Windows

Milgard Tuscany Series

Milgard is committed to providing custom windows that meet your exact needs. This series of vinyl window frames create energy-efficient, high-quality products for those who care about the environment and their home's appearance. Each model meets or exceeds minimum ENERGY STAR® requirements, making them perfect choices for energy-efficient living spaces!

Milgard has created the Tuscany Series windows to provide you with an easy way to customize your house. They can be finished in eight different colors, and have a durable vinyl coating that makes them incredibly reliable. SmartTouch hardware makes these windows extremely secure while also being able to open easily when necessary!

Milgard Montecito Windows

Milgard offers eight color choices for customizing your replacement window frames. The exterior paint is meant to last the life of each unit, giving you peace of mind that it will not chip or peel over time. With so many different styles, architectures, and finishes to choose from, Milgard is the perfect option for building or remodeling. With an extra durable color coating that lasts you'll never have to worry about your windows again!

Milgard Style Line Windows

Milgard Style Line Windows

Milgard's Style Line series of windows come in a sleek and modern look, with the added benefit of more glass to allow for maximum light. The slim frames mean maximum view of your landscape and a stylish look in any room!

The Comfort Package is a great option to consider when buying Style Line windows. This package includes an accessory package, customized performance energy-efficient window options, and special glass breakage coverages that aren't available in other packages.

They can customize these vinyl windows with eight colors that continually evolve to match your home design, and they have the option to add Milgard PureView screens which are made from thinner yarns for a more transparent look than ever before!

Milgard Windows Ultra & WoodClad Series

The Ultra Series windows are perfect for any space in your home that experiences high humidity or heat, such as the bathroom and kitchen. The fiberglass window frame can withstand just about anything! All of these windows come with a WoodClad option so homeowners can add wood veneer on the interior side if they choose.

With different exterior and interior colors, plus the option to stain your veneer with wood tones through Milgard's vast selection of windows you can customize a look that matches seamlessly into any home. Milgard windows are so popular that both homeowners and contractors consider them to be one of the best vinyl window brands around.

Milgard Quiet Line Window Series

Milgard Quiet Line Window Series

With double-glazing and a sound panel built-in, the windows of this series are one of our best picks for homeowners living near an airport or highway. Thanks to their above-average Sound Transmission Class rating, you won't have to worry about irritating noise from passing cars keeping you up at night!

Milgard windows are designed to be customizable, and they often combine them to match the Montecito and Tuscany Series. Homeowners can choose which series of vinyl window frames they'd like their new glass panes fitted into.

Milgard Aluminum Windows Series

Milgard Aluminum Windows Series

These windows were created to provide a modern look and durability. Aluminum used in these thermally improved windows increases insulation so homes stay cool during the summer and warm when it's cold outside! Imagine the beautiful natural light that is pouring into your home with a new Aluminum Series Skylight. You can choose from four different frame colors to make these windows fit perfectly in any décor!

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