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Prepping Your Home for Replacement Windows

Getting replacement windows in Mesa, AZ is an exciting step in home renovation, and a great way to give your home that much needed facelift. New windows can also save you time, energy, and money. With all this in mind it is no wonder more homeowners are turning to professionals for window installation. However few people realize there are things they should be doing to prepare for the contractors. After selecting your windows and nailing down the details with Freelite Inc. here are some things to do to help the window professionals install as efficiently as possible.

Review Your Contract

You can also look over your contract to make sure it is accurate (something you should also do before finalizing). Review and verify the details a few days before the installation so they are fresh. That way you will know which windows are getting replaced and prepare the appropriate spaces. You will also want to verify what you are responsible for and what the company will handle themselves. Also, it is advisable to call 72 hours prior to your appointment and confirm everything is ready to go.

Clear a Path

You will want to tidy up all the rooms where installers will need access. Move all items out of the way leaving them a path in and out of the house and the rooms. You will also want to move furniture near your windows. Installers will need at least two feet of space in front of the windows and to either side. Then do the same type of clearing outside your home if you have any outdoor furniture or plant boxes. You might also want to transplant any small plants you want to keep, otherwise they might get accidentally trampled.

Remove the Drapes

Remove all window treatments including curtains, sheers, drapes, blinds, and all hardware. All the draping will get in the way and slow down installers. You should also take down any picture frames. Window replacement can jostle the walls and you don’t want installers to inadvertently knock something off your wall. Remove them, and store them somewhere safe.

Cover Up

Once the workers get started you will see window removal and replacement is dirty work. Most contractors will ensure your house stays clean and put down their own drop cloths. However, you can ensure even more cleanliness by covering your other furniture and belongings yourself. Just be open and talk to contractors about how best to take this step. Because of liability, they might need to do the drop cloths on their own.

Give Them Easy Access

One more thing to remember is installers will need to be able to get in and out of your home freely. This seems like a straight forward reminder, but truth is many homeowners still forget to notify their security company and remove any sensors. Also you will need to have a neighbor or friend give the installers access if you cannot be around during any portion of the installation. Last, but not least, you should also keep your pets safe and out of the way.

By choosing Freelite Inc. as your professional installer we will do all we can to make sure your installation runs as smoothly as possible. If you follow these few tips the entire project can go off without a hitch. Then the only thing left for you to do will be to enjoy your replacement windows.

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