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Prepare your Home or Winter in Phoenix, AZ

While Phoenix, AZ isn’t known for harsh winters, the temperatures still get cold in December and January. Sometimes they even drop below freezing at night and only hit the mid 50s during the day. And with colder weather just around the corner, you want to make sure your home is ready. Here are five easy steps to follow that will help prepare your home for a local winter.

1. Install Weather Stripping
One way to test the seals around your doors is to close everything up, turn on all the exhaust fans and run a burning candle around the frames. If the light pulls towards you, then you probably have a draft. You can easily run to the nearest hardware store and look for weatherstripping. If you have any questions you can ask a clerk for the right product and how best to install it.

2. Clean Your Fireplace
Even in Arizona, a fireplace is a great addition to your home. Nothing beats a warm, welcoming fire on a cold night. But before using, it you want to double check your fireplace and chimney. Make sure your hearth and flue are free of debris and sweep away any lingering soot. Then it is safe to test your electric or as fireplace to make sure they are working.

3. Seal the Furnace Ducts and Replace Filters
While it isn’t quite time to turn the furnace on, you will want to test it in the fall to make sure everything is in working order. Remove any dust from the vents and intakes. And you will also want to swap out the filter on your furnace, and continue to replace them every month during seasons of higher usage. This will keep your HVAC system dust free and running efficiently. And if you haven’t this year, schedule a tune up. HVAC professionals can provide a seasonal inspection and make any minor repairs your furnace might need before it goes to work this winter.

4. Reverse the Ceiling Fans
Air ventilation and circulation can be a problem in the winter. So set your fan blades to spin clockwise and run them slowly. This will help lift cooled air to the ceiling and push the heated air back down. You will be able to set the thermostat a couple degrees lower and save money while still all the warmth inside your home.

5. Prepare Your Windows
There are many ways to treat your windows for the colder months. Some homeowners use weatherstripping or an insulating film. Others simply use cellular shades or layered curtains to protect the inside of their home against the cold. But if your windows are old, worn down, and prone to air leaks—there is only one real solution. You will want to take a closer look at replacement windows Phoenix, AZ this fall.

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