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Which Patio Doors Fit Your Personality?

So you have this great outdoor space, and you want to take full advantage of it. Whether you are replacing outdated patio doors or you want to invest in new construction for the patio doors you have always dreamed of, doing some research into the best option for your budget, family, and lifestyle will help you streamline focus and make a great decision that enhances your home for years to come.

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First Time?

If this is your first set of patio doors, you might not know what you want out of this feature – aesthetic, a great view of the backyard, safety, functionality? An older couple that wants patio doors for a better view of their backyard garden will have different preferences than someone remodeling a private porch off their bedroom. Prioritizing your goals for the installation will make it easier to pick out the perfect style of door and avoid costly mistakes throughout the selection process.

  • Assess The Space. Take a real look at the space you will be updating – is this a small or large room? Is there a considerable amount of foot traffic moving through this part of your house, or is it a secluded area? Will this door open on a private balcony, or be a central path from the kitchen to the backyard pool for your kids? You should consider the most functional way for the doors to operate – is there enough indoor space to swing inward, or should the doors open outward? Do you want a sliding glass door to accommodate furniture and wall placements that might make the space less efficient? Once you have an idea of spatial limitations, you can narrow down your options considerably.
  • Plan For Year-Round Durability. Arizona summers can pack a wicked punch – hot temperatures and sunshine outside make indoor space sacred. Keeping you living area cool is top priority for many homeowners, and patio doors can play a huge role in the overall thermal efficiency of your home. While many people are drawn to patio doors for their impressive glass features, they can also be seen as a drawback if you don’t plan correctly. Large glass window let in a ton of sunlight and raise the overall temperature of your home significantly. Make sure you know the amount of sunlight the patio doors will be receiving, and you allocate UV protection or shading in the glass selection you make.
  • Energy-Efficient Planning. Glass can transfer heat and chill into your home during months of extreme weather, which can wreak havoc on the HVAC bill; investing in high quality glass might have more upfront costs, but will save money and optimize comfort in the long run. Don’t get stuck with a perpetually high energy bill after your Phoenix patio door installation – assess your options when it comes to energy efficient installation materials, such as low-emissivity glass for UV protection and better reflective capacity. This glass is coated in a material that protects your home from infrared heat without compromising on appearance or style.

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