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window replacement in Scottsdale, AZ

Most Common Problems with Old Windows

The windows in your home play several important roles. They improve efficiency, keep your home comfortable, and protect you from the elements. They also boost curb appeal, allow in natural light, and provide ventilation. But as windows age, they break down. As they age a number of problems can arise and eventually you will need window replacement in Scottsdale, AZHere are some of the most common problems you can watch for:  

Dilapidated Frames 

Over time windows will start to show their age. They can flake, fade, rust, corrode, chip and crack. Defects may start small and be easy to ignore, but eventually, the damage will be extensive enough it will impact the aesthetics of your home. The last thing you need is your windows bringing down the value of your home.   

Broken Glass and Physical Damage 

Accidents happen, and with it often comes accidental damage. Windows seem to attract baseballs, golf balls, and all manner of projectiles. These can break glass and damage frames. And often there is little you can do to repair the damage. The only way to restore the full functionality is with replacement windows.   

Rot, Pests, and Decay 

Moisture isn’t a huge problem in Arizona, but decay still can be. If you notice dry rot or pitting on your window frames you want to check for the underlying problem so you can find a viable solution. It is most likely pests, and a problem you want to solve sooner rather than later.   

Air and Moisture Leaks 

As windows wear out gaps can form in the assembly, resulting in leaks. Air infiltration is a big problem, especially with the local climate. You do not want to spend money pumping all your air conditioning to the outside. This will send your energy bills through the roof. One easy way to test for leaks is closing all windows and doors, running all exhaust fans, and lighting an incense stick. Slowly pass the stick around the frames and see if the smoke pulls towards you. If so, you have a leak.   

Condensation between the Panes 

Fog forming on exterior surfaces if often because of extreme temperature differences and humidity in the air. You might notice it more in the kitchen and bathroom, but it isn’t a huge concern. But if you see condensation forming between the panes this is something to worry about. This means you have a broken seal. The inert gas between the frames has leaked out and normal air has leaked inside. It means your windows are no longer as efficient as they should be, and they could be costing you in energy losses.   

There are plenty of other problems you can get with older windows, and they can be costly. So if you notice signs of age it might be time for window replacement in Scottsdale, AZ. For a hassle-free estimate contact Freelite Inc. Our experts can help you choose new products that are just right for your home. Call us today at (602) 233-1981 or stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.