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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Most Common Causes of Window Seal Failure

Energy-efficient windows prevent cooled or heated air from escaping the home. They also eliminate drafts so outside air cannot get in. They also the inert gas fills between the panes help prevent thermal transmittance through the glass panes. Unfortunately, a broken seal will reduce the efficiency of your windows in a number of ways and drive up the cost of heating and cooling. Eventually, you will need replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. What causes seal failure on windows? Here are a few of the most common contributing factors:

1. Age

Even the best products don’t last forever. Over time the seals on all windows will start to wear out. Caulking will crack and weather stripping will rub off and the inert gas will slowly dissipate. Eventually, you will need to make repairs by replacing the damaged caulk or weather stripping. But at some point, the damage will be beyond repair and you will need to invest in replacement windows.

2. Harsh Elements

Window seals are made to resist most weather conditions. That said, they do have limitations. Some seals will lift away when constantly exposed to water. Failure is made worse if a seal is not flush with the frame, so dirt and moisture can get behind it.

3. Mold

Moisture can also lead to mold growth. And mold growing on the seal can cause discoloration, weaken it, and cause it to fail. If you happen to notice mold growing on your windows try cleaning it away with a diluted mixture of water and vinegar or other antibacterial soap. Just be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions so you do not unintentionally damage the finish on your windows.

4. Solar Pumping

Solar pumping is another common factor in seal failure on older windows. During the day the sun heats the air between the glass and it expands causing the glass to convex and putting added pressure on the seals. And cold weather causes the opposite, where the air contracts and the panes concave inward. Eventually, the seal will fail and allow natural air into the space between the panes and brining unwanted moisture with it. This is why windows tend to fail more quickly in climates with extreme temperature fluctuations.

5. Poor Maintenance

On windows, low maintenance does not mean no maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining windows should be a regular part of every homeowner’s routine. For the most part, it is easy to wash frames with mild detergent, clean the glass, and clean and lubricate the tracks and moving parts. This will help keep your windows in good repair and prevent dirt from leading to seal failure.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

6. Improper Installation

Window installation is meticulous work. But unfortunately, it isn’t always performed by a qualified window professional. And when a window is not manufactured or installed properly it can lead to premature window failure. And nothing is more frustrating than having to install new windows only a few years after replacing them. This is why it is important to find a window contractor you can trust to get the job done right.

If you are worried about seal failure and think it might be time for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, contact the experts at Freelite Inc. We will take every precaution to keep you safe and provide hassle-free quotes for your replacement window project.