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Milgard Replacement Windows

As a company in Mesa, AZ we researched hundreds of brands before choosing the one we wanted to associate our name with. Milgard’s products are strong, beautiful, and built to last. Best of all? Milgard windows are scientifically proven to perform as well as products from other brands that cost twice as much.

Milgard Material Options

When choosing replacement windows you must think about both the function and the form. What do you want your new windows to do and how do you want them to look? Our design team can help walk you through any Milgard product, but really the decision is up to you.

1. Wood. This window material adds warmth and class to any space with a natural beauty. It is no wonder that for year’s wood was the most common choice for homeowners. You can paint or stain it any color, and wood works as an excellent insulator. Because wood is strong, and also easy to work with, Milgard manufactures almost any size, shape, and style of wood window. That said, compared to fiberglass and vinyl, wood takes the most maintenance. Every few years you will need to sand down your windows and repaint or stain them to keep them in top shape.

2. Fiberglass. The materials of these frames expand and contract very little, close to the same rate as glass. As such, the seals on these windows are tighter and stronger. These windows provide excellent insulation. Fiberglass is also strong. The frames can hold larger expanses of glass, opening up your view. These windows will not rot, swell, or warp. They also require little upkeep. You can even choose to pair fiberglass exteriors with a traditional wood profile for the inside.

3. Vinyl. Of all the materials, vinyl is probably the most unique. Milgard makes these windows from their own compound of construction grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They do not use any fillers in their “special recipe.” This assures consistency and quality over time. Milgard also developed a two-coat formula and offers seven premium color vanishes in both light and dark varieties. At first glance, these vinyl windows may look like any other. But upon closer examination, there are key differences that make Milgard vinyl windows unbeatable.

4. Aluminum.

These Milgard windows have a slim profile, narrow sight lines, and also require very little maintenance. Because aluminum is light and strong, Milgard can manufacture a wide variety of window styles and configurations. And for longer lasting color, Milgard offers anodized or baked-on finishes. The only setback is aluminum conducts heat, and isn’t as good an insulator when compared to the other materials.

Milgard Window Styles

You have several options to choose from, including:

  • Awning
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Casement
  • Double hung
  • Garden
  • Horizontal slider
  • Picture
  • Radius
  • Single hung

Windows are an important feature in your home, letting in light and ventilation while protecting against intruders and the elements. You want to be sure when choosing Scottsdale, AZ replacement windows to get the right product, at the right price. For many customers is Mesa, AZ that right answer is Milgard.

For more information about our selection of Milgard windows, or to schedule a free, in-home consultation, visit us at 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003. Or call Freelite today at (602) 233-1981.