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Materials for Patio Doors in Scottsdale, AZ

For many homes in Arizona the patio is an extended living space. It is where families gather and meals happen. It is where homeowners enjoy sunrises, sunsets, barbeques, and swimming pools. For this reason, patio doors are a popular feature for many homes across the state. They provide not only convenient access to the outdoors, but can bathe the indoor rooms with natural light and allow sweeping breezes inside. Best of all, the modern styles and materials offered by manufactures today are far superior compared to the old-style patio doors of the past.

The old sliding doors were leaky, noisy, prone to problems, and offered poor security. Now you can get patio doors with energy efficient glass, multi-point locks, and leak proof sashes. Today, if you are thinking about installing a new patio door in Scottsdale, AZ there are several things you should consider. One such item is the material used for the door. Here is an overview:

1. Wood Patio Doors

If you like an elegant, traditional style then wood patio doors are the material of choice. These doors are sturdy, but also not prone to heat absorption. Small damage to the wood is easily repaired. Unfortunately these also require constant upkeep. The wood can prove a hassle and headache. Fortunately, in Arizona, you don’t have to worry too much about moisture warming the wood. However, the material is prone to fade under intense exposure to sunlight and heat.

2. Steel Patio Doors

These patio doors hold up under varied weather conditions. They don’t warp or sag. Though the doors aren’t as stylish as the natural wood, they are less expensive and a bit easier to maintain. Like wood, you can paint these doors to match any color or style. However, steel doors can rust. You will want to paint over any scratches and repair dents as quickly as possible to prevent oxidation. You might also consider the best of both worlds, clad-wood. These doors are made of wood, but have a protective layer of steel. They provide the optimal insulating properties of wood, but the little upkeep required of steel.

3. Aluminum Patio Doors

Much like steel, this material used in patio doors are sturdy and more resilient. They are also energy efficient and take little maintenance. However, these are lighter than the steel. Unfortunately this means all the problems with steel doors are slightly magnified. They dent and scratch more easily.

4. Vinyl Patio Doors

In construction, it seems like vinyl is popping up everywhere. Patio doors are no exception. Many are skeptics, because the material is plastic based. However, this highly manufactured material, is highly resilient, cost effective, and can stand up to the elements. The material doesn’t flake, peel, rot and become food for insects. That said, vinyl doesn’t hold up as well under extreme temperature shifts.

5. Fiberglass Patio Doors

As you might guess, these doors are exceptional insulators, can be manufactured to mimic the appearance of wood, and require very little maintenance. These doors are sturdy, resilient, and very common.

So what material do you prefer? Best consult with a professional if you aren’t sure. A trusted contactor can give you an expanded list of pros and cons, and help you make the best choices to replace or install your new patio doors in Scottsdale, AZ.