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Leading Causes of Drafty Windows in Scottsdale, AZ

In Scottsdale, AZ you probably spend a lot of money keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Even with cooler temperatures you still want to make sure your home is sealed and well insulated. You don’t want to be throwing money out the window, and that is the most common place for air leaks. What causes drafty windows? Here are a few factors:

  1. Improper Installation

When it comes to performance and efficiency, windows are only as good as the installation. It may seem simple, but window installation takes precision, skill, proper tools, and know-how. It isn’t a home improvement project you want to tackle on your own. The smallest error in measurements and your windows will be a problem for years to come. So make sure your windows were installed by reliable professionals with the proper knowledge, tools, and experience.

  1. Age

Next, how old is your window? While it is true that window technologies have evolved over the years, even today no window is built to last forever. Parts and components break down, seals slowly fail, and eventually you will need replacement windows. If you suspect your window is more than 20 or 30 years old then you will want to look closely at the seals and framing. Most windows will start to show their age. You may notice cracks, warping, or other damage. These can create small gaps around the frame, and air leaks both in and out of your home.

  1. Wear

How often do you open and close your windows? In Scottsdale, AZ you probably put your windows to more use. This normal wear and tear will add up over the years. Windows may be more difficult to open and close. The latches that help seal your window tightly against the frame might be stiff or broken. You may also notice that the weather stripping looks compacted or worn away. Any one of these can cause drafty windows in your home.

  1. Poor Maintenance

Most windows require some level of upkeep. Wood windows demand the most because you need to sand and repaint them every few years to keep the frames and finish looking like new. Aluminum can scratch or chip over the years, and you have to watch out for corrosion. Vinyl is perhaps the easiest material to maintain, and only requires washing with mild detergent and silicone lubrication. But if you neglect your windows, they will break down.

  1. Extreme Temperatures

Nothing wears windows as fast as extreme heat. It can cause frame material to warp, dry out, fade, and become brittle. Sometimes it can go from cool to extremely hot. These types of temperature changes can cause the material to expand and contract, resulting in seal failure and air leaks. High-quality frame materials like fiberglass and vinyl will hold up better and last longer.

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