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How to Know if You Need New Patio Doors

Though you use them daily, you might not give your patio doors much thought. These doors perform important functions in your home, especially in Mesa, AZ. Because of the warm weather year round, homeowners constantly use patio doors to extend their living space outside. These doors increase natural light, protect you from the elements and intruders, and contribute to the overall design of your home. Not only that, but modern patio doors can improve energy savings. Because they perform so many functions you should know the lifespan of your patio doors. You should also consider it might be time for replacement.

Should I Get Replacement Patio Doors?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

How Old is the Door?

Check the age of your patio door. Was it added when the house was built? Has it ever been replaced? If you have been using a patio door for too long, it will show. Parts will break down and it not only becomes a hassle, but also a risk. Repairs can only get you so far, you will reach a point where replacement is much more cost efficient.

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How Does it Perform?

Does your patio door have squeaky rollers or broken knobs or hinges? Does your door scrape across the floor or get stuck in the frame? Old patio doors can warp, sag, and wear out. This makes operating them a hassle. All doors in your home should operate smoothly, without any fuss. So if you have to wrestle with your door every time you want to use it, then you might want to consider replacement.

Does it Leak?

If your patio door is a source of leaks and drafts, then something is wrong. Your patio door needs to close and seal tightly. Otherwise your home is at risk of both air and moisture infiltration. This also causes energy leaks, and will rack up your energy bills. An old door might also let in an excess amount of bugs and other pests. That is not something you want to deal with for long.

How Secure is It?

One of the leading functions of your patio door is protection. Not only should it protect you against the elements, but also other invaders—people and critters alike. Cracks, loose hinges, or broken locks means someone or something could easily force the door open. You need to replace the door right away.

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Do You Like the Way it Looks?

When you look at your door, what do you see? Extensive damage caused by rust or rot is a sure sign you need a new door. But sometimes the reasons for replacement are more subtle. If you never liked the design of your door or feel it is outdated, you might consider trying something new. A patio door can be lovely focal point in your living space. It also can boost the esthetic of your exterior. Today there are so many beautiful designs and styles to choose from you can get the patio doors of your dreams.

When the time comes for replacement patio doors in Mesa, AZ, do not put it off. You want your doors in top shape so they can continue to provide the best performance. Great value comes from replacing your worn, damaged, and outdated patio doors. Give us a call at Freelite, today.